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Scotiabank Value® VISA* Card

Scotiabank Value® VISA* Card

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Network Provider
Low Interest
Balance Transfer
Annual fee
Purchase interest rate
Cash advance rate
Balance transfer rate
0.99% 12.99% after 6 months
Credit Needed
Good (650-749)

Card description

  • 0.99% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for the first 6 months (12.99% after that; annual fee $29)◊
  • Save hundreds of dollars in interest a year
  • Low 12.99% interest rate
  • Pay down balances faster
  • Simplify your monthly payments
  • Rates, fees and other information are effective as of Nov 1, 2020. Subject to change.

About This Card

The Scotiabank Value Visa card is a low-interest card available to anyone with a credit score of 650 or higher.

The interest rate on purchases and cash advances made on the Scotiabank Value Visa card is 12.99%, the lowest rate offered by the bank. For the first six months, you pay only 0.99% on any balance you transfer over to the Scotiabank Value Visa card if you open an account by Feb. 28, 2021. 

The Scotiabank Value Visa card has an annual fee of $29 and a minimum credit limit of $500. If you choose to open a joint account, supplementary cards are available at no extra cost.

The Scotiabank Value Visa card is not a rewards card but it still offers users a few perks, like discounts on car rentals from select rental companies.

Why get the Scotiabank Value VISA?

Get Scotiabank’s lowest interest rate - Of all the cards offered by Scotiabank, this one has the lowest interest rate at 12.99%. Plus, for the first six months, you pay only 0.99% on any balances transferred onto this card. 

Save on car rentals -  The Scotiabank Value Visa card gets cardholders discounts of up to 20% on car rentals at participating AVIS locations around the world.

Enjoy an interest-free grace period -  Cardholders have 21 days to pay their statement balance.

Get a supplementary card at no charge - Bestow the benefits of low interest rates to a friend or relative—supplementary cards are free. Secondary cardholders are entitled to the same car rental discounts as the primary account holder.

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