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The PC Financial advantage.

For many years, President’s Choice Financial had only one credit card to its name: the one-size-fits-all PC Financial Mastercard. But this hasn’t made PC Financial any less popular with Canadian consumers. In fact, PC Financial routinely wins awards for customer satisfaction. For the sixth year in a row, President’s Choice Financial ranked in the top two when it came to overall customer satisfaction in the midsize bank category, according to J.D. Power’s 2017 Retail Banking Satisfaction Study.

The bank has since expanded its portfolio to include two more cards: the PC Financial® World Mastercard® and the PC Financial® World Elite Mastercard®.

Since PC Financial stopped providing chequing and savings accounts, the only way to collect PC Plus points is through its Mastercard offerings.

Here’s what you get when you choose PC Financial for your credit card needs.

Earn points for household staples

Earn PC Plus points with any one of the PC Financial® Mastercard® credit cards. You earn points no matter where you shop — although you earn more per dollar spent by shopping at any Loblaws-owned store, including No Frills and Shopper’s Drug Mart. You can start redeeming once you've earned 20,000 PC points, which equals $20 in free groceries.

Don’t pay fees

Along with PC Financial’s well-known no-fee savings and chequing accounts, there’s no annual fee for any of its Mastercard offerings. Supplementary cards are free, too.

Access nifty extras

All PC Financial Mastercards offer some add-ons. The 24/7 concierge service, for instance, allows you to make dinner reservations, reserve event tickets, deliver gifts and more. Mastercard Global Service™ will replace your card or offer a cash advance in case of an emergency. You’ll also get free purchase assurance which is valid in the first 90 days when you purchase an item with a PC Financial card. This will protect you in case of theft, loss or damage. And items bought with the card will automatically see the manufacturer’s regular warranty extended for an additional year.

Transfer your balance for less

New customers can transfer existing credit card balances to a PC Financial Mastercard for a rate of 0.97% for six months.

About PC Financial

In the nineties, most Canadians had little choice about where they could do their daily banking. But by the close of the millennium, that all began to change. Grocery chain Loblaws and CIBC entered a partnership and not long after that, President’s Choice Financial® banking pavilions began cropping up in Loblaws stores across the country.

Judging by the headlines of the day, the media were astounded by the fact consumers could do their banking and their grocery shopping in the same store.

The vision the fledgling bank was founded on was similarly novel: with a new technological era on its way, it was time Canadians could access a bank that did away with traditional storefronts in favour of online banking and low or no fee services. And consumers could redeem store points for groceries — another unique selling point for the time.

PC Financial now ranks highly in consumer satisfaction among mid-sized Canadian banks, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

In August 2017, PC Financial announced it was ending its partnership with CIBC, which handled its retail banking services, to concentrate on its lucrative credit card business.

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