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The Peoples Trust advantage.

Peoples Trust is a federally-regulated bank that issues prepaid credit cards — powerful tools for those looking to build a credit history or to repair it. Peoples Trust has partnerships with both Visa and MasterCard.

Here’s what you get when you choose Peoples Trust for your credit card needs.

Cards that protect you from yourself

Peoples Trust caters to consumers who have difficulty obtaining lines of credit. The Vancouver-based financial institution offers ultra-secure products to help clients revive their credit score. Some prepaid cards from Peoples Choice can only be loaded once and used until the balance is spent, for instance.

Cards that set you up for future success

Peoples Trust also has a range of cards that are reloadable and good for long-term use. There are no limits on how they can be used, whether for business expenses (payroll, expense management, and financial services) or personal items (travel, health, and transit).

Built-in frugality

Peoples Trust offers prepaid cards aimed specifically at travellers. These cards protect against fluctuations in currency exchanges and have other features designed to help the cardholder stick to their budget. The cards can be used for domestic and international travel and to purchase items online.

Business in the front, party in the back

Just because it’s prepaid doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun: Peoples Choice also offers rewards credit cards that enable you to collect points that can be used towards travel.

About Peoples Trust

Founded in 1985, the Peoples Trust Company prides itself on being a small firm that doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. The CDIC-insured trust’s mission is to provide credit to those who need it, to educate them on the proper uses of credit, and to make available a suite of high-quality savings products. Peoples Trust is one of Canada’s premier providers of prepaid credit cards. It doesn’t offer flashy deals, but you get the sense the financial institution cares more about your long-term financial health than boosting profits.

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