By: Justin Leung on October 6, 2012

Insurance is a subject that’s touchy for many people with good reason; it’s something that’s in some cases forced to be paid into, and no real benefit appears to come out of it.  Not seeing the benefit is actually a good thing because it means you haven’t landed in any trouble.

By: Gary Parkinson on October 5, 2012

Canada is an exporting country; our GDP is heavily influenced by how many goods and services the country is capable of exporting to trade partners.  Due to the interdependence of economic activity among trading partners, what happens in one country has an effect on the buying or selling power of another.

By: Justin Leung on October 4, 2012

Since the recession no one has really considered anything to be a real buyer’s market as the theme in recovery was save, save, save. But now at least for housing, analysts are ready to use the term buyer’s market for the city of Toronto; basic economics says that when there’s more supply than there is demand, prices are expected to come down to a buyer’s level which appears to be happening in Canada’s largest city.

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on October 3, 2012

Canada’s housing market appears to be heading in different directions for different areas of the country. Vancouver especially is seeing home prices significantly decrease as the affordability level on the west coast has finally reached its peak. However on the east coast there appears to be some upward momentum as home prices in St. John’s have seen a bit of an upswing.

By: Cliff Ritter on October 2, 2012

Analysts and investors have taken Canada’s latest economic output in stride; which puts the Bank of Canada’s plans on hold. Due to the lack of real growth through July of this year, investors now say the central lending rate should have no signs of going anywhere until at least July of next year.

By: Gary Parkinson on October 1, 2012

It’s been an interesting year for housing in Canada. The government implemented changes to mortgage lending rules in July to stave off growing household debt. At the same time home prices in some of Canada’s biggest cities have finally reached the breaking point and are beginning to come down.

By: Gary Parkinson on September 28, 2012

Canada’s public health care system has been praised for its strengths while also criticized for its limitations. The long wait times and uneasy access to surgery or even a bed in the hospital has come under fire from both within the country and from outside. Critics argue that banning a two tiered system for those who choose to pay for private health insurance is contributing to the longer wait times in the overburdened public system; and those critics’ voices are getting louder.

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on September 27, 2012

With so much economic gloom and doom about household debt and the threat of rising interest rates in the news each day it’s hard to imagine consumers’ personal finances to be showing any signs of confidence. But a new survey from the Conference Board of Canada suggests consumer confidence is moving in a good direction and hopeful to continue improving over the coming months; perhaps the warnings in the media have shined a bit of light in the gloomy dark and contributed to improving financial situations.