What's the deal with Ontario vehicle inspections? By: Martin Dasko September 27, 2016

You got your hands on a used car and you want to start driving. Do you call your insurance company? Not exactly. There’s one step to take prior to getting your used car insured. Before you get that car on the road, you have to deal with the vehicle inspection to prove that your car is safe.

Insuring your home when you have a pool By: Nelson Smith September 23, 2016

As the temperature soared to 30 degrees Celsius and higher this summer, I wished I had a pool in my backyard. Nothing beats taking a dip on a scorching hot day. And as Bart and Lisa Simpson taught us, having a pool will instantly make you popular among your friends.

 3 Cash back cards that can supercharge your earnings By: Kyle Prevost September 15, 2016

Who doesn’t like getting free cash back every time they shop? When it comes to money-back credit card rewards in Canada there are currently three contenders with pretty strong claims to the throne. Using these cards to make purchases that you would be making anyway is an automatic discount on nearly everything that you buy.