When does permanent life insurance make sense? By: Nelson Smith August 25, 2016

“Buy term and invest the difference.”

The same mantra has been repeated by pundits, experts, and personal finance aficionados everywhere for decades. And they’re onto something. For most people, term life insurance is a great deal.

How to buy a home with a mortgage helper By: Vanessa Page August 24, 2016

Canadian housing prices are out of control. The times when you could save up a 20% down payment with a bit of work are now long gone. Most Canadians struggle to save up even a small down payment.

What you need to know about vehicle inspection in Canada By: Kyle Prevost August 17, 2016

Driving a vehicle in Canada isn’t as simple as just putting the cash down and driving your new ride off the lot as you test the sound system. In order to operate a vehicle legally it has to be insured. Before you take that step, you must first get a vehicle inspection (also known in some places as a “safety”) done in the province you are looking to insure your car or truck in.

Does travel insurance cover trips cancelled out of fear? By: Martin Dasko August 16, 2016

Everything is set and you’re ready for your trip. Suddenly, a global disaster hits and you’re nervous about that upcoming adventure. You don’t want to get on an airplane out of fear of a terrorist attack, mass shooting, a global disease, or general uneasiness. You would much rather stay home where you feel safe. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money either. So what do you do?