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The World Within a Block: The Past and Future of St. James Town, Toronto

St. James Town has been called many things over the years. The Toronto neighbourhood has been deemed Canada’s most densely populated community, and because of the wide range of immigrant populations, is sometimes even known as “the world within a block”.

Nestled between Parliament, Sherbourne, Wellesley and Bloor, in the northeast corner of Ontario’s capital, this neighborhood has history that goes all the way back to the 1870's. But despite its rich history, cultural diversity, and downtown location, St. James Town has had a difficult past, and is facing an uncertain future.

CREA Report Shows Tale of Two Housing Markets

The Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) latest report paints a very mixed picture on Canadian housing. Metro markets across the country appear to be starting to diverge in a way they have not done for some time, with sales in the East slowing dramatically while the West continues to outperform.

Credit Card Arbitrage: Free Money or Risky Bet?

It’s a common personal finance trope that credit card companies always win, no matter how generous their rewards programs or how many cool features they offer to customers. Whether it’s through hidden fees, surcharges or sky-high interest rates, in the end, the theory goes, credit cards are just like casinos: the house always wins.

Enter’s MyKindaHoops Contest for a Chance to Win an Ipad Mini, Samsung Note 8 or $500 in Cash!

With spring just around the corner, is excited to announce its MyKindaHoops college basketball contest.

Playing is easy: all you have to do is correctly guess which team will win the Men’s Division 1 US College Basketball Tournament for a chance to win $500 in your choice of cash or prizes!

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Newfoundland And Labrador

The most eastern province in Canada and the last to join Confederation in 1949, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) is interesting in how the population inhabits the province.  The mainland of Labrador, by far the largest portion of the province, is only home to approximately 31,000 Newfoundland and Labradorians, while the island of Newfoundland and smaller islets are home to the remaining 495,000 people.

Warm Up the Winter with this Hot Credit Card Offer!

We are always looking for ways to save you money and for fantastic personal finance products we think you will love.  So we are really excited to tell you about this great credit card that essentially provides you with a no interest loan for a year!  We had never heard of a credit card with this sort of offer before, and definitely wanted to share it with you.

Toronto Is 180 And The Housing Market Shows The City Set In Its Years

Last week was the 180th birthday of the city of Toronto, a milestone that outpaces the age of Canada as a country.  The anniversary follows on the heels of another landmark reached in 2013, when Toronto became the fourth largest metropolitan city in North America – trailing only Mexico City, along with New York City and Los Angeles in the US.

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Prince Edward Island

As the smallest province in Canada, the size of the housing market in Prince Edward Island is substantially less than the rest of the country.  But the province is one of the most important in Canadian history, recognized as “the Birthplace of Confederation” when the Charlottetown Conference laid the framework for what would later become Canada.

Infographic: Who Buys Car Insurance Online?

What kind of motorists shop for insurance online? You’d be surprised! To celebrate our 15,000th auto insurance quote, we crunched our auto insurance user data with rather interesting results.

It’s Baaack! American Express Relaunches Its Legendary Gold with Cash Back Card

Many shoppers prefer cash back to other types of credit card rewards. Cash is cash – it can be used anywhere, it’s simple to understand, and it’s not subject to the constantly changing terms and conditions seen in many loyalty rewards programs.

CMHC To Raise Mortgage Premiums

Starting May 1, homebuyers in Canada with less than 20 percent down will be paying more for their mortgage insurance. The CMHC announced today that it will be boosting its premiums by 0.10 to 0.45 percent. The changes, while notable, will not substantially raise borrowers’ monthly carrying costs.

Housing Fears Still Linger Among Economists, According to Reuters Poll

 Canada’s real estate market is on shaky ground, according to economists surveyed in a Reuters poll this week. The well-known news service canvassed 16 housing experts and the consensus opinion seems to be that Canadian house prices will decline over the medium term.

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Nova Scotia

Smaller than all provinces but PEI, yet retaining one of the most densely populated landmasses in all of Canada, Nova Scotia was home to one of the first permanent settlements from European explorers in the 1600s.  The urban population is spread out across three major regional municipalities, while over half of Nova Scotians live in rural regions of the province. 

Close Analysis Shows Absence of Condo Bubble in Canada: CIBC

With everyone from the Bank of Canada to the Minister of Finance to The New York Times fretting about a condo bubble in Canada, CIBC economist Benjamin Tal recently decided to crunch the numbers himself to see what’s really going on. His verdict: condo owners can relax because vacancy rates will increase only slightly in 2014, despite a record number of units coming to market.

What a Deal! Offers 5-Year Variable Mortgages in Ontario at 2.35% – With Up to $500 Cash-Back!

What better place for Canadians to find the lowest rates on mortgages than at Kind of makes sense, right?

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: New Brunswick

New Brunswick is unique as Canada’s only constitutionally bilingual province, with English and French both culturally accepted.  The province is also the western border of the Bay of Fundy, which was a finalist to become one of the new natural wonders of the world in 2009 – a title that was ultimately passed onto other bodies of nature.

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Quebec

Physically the largest province in Canada and the second largest physical jurisdiction after Nunavut, Quebec is the predominant home of Canada’s French speaking population.  The demographics of the province will help maintain demand for housing in the first half of 2014.

Five Way-Too-Common Credit Card Traps to Avoid

As movie dialogue goes, “it’s a trap!” has become the very furniture of cliche, rivalling other mind-numbing groaners like “we’ve got company” “don’t look down” and “it’s quiet . . . too quiet.” The worn-out line should be banished from Hollywood scripts and inserted where it really belongs: at the top of way-too-many credit card contracts. 

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Ontario

Canada’s largest province by population, Ontario is the manufacturing heartland and onetime economic powerhouse of the country.  The provincial capital is the largest housing market in Canada, and second most expensive in the country, trailing only Vancouver in BC.

Canadian House Prices to Come Under Pressure This Year: PIMCO

If Canadian homebuyers had a nickel for every report that came out about the country’s housing market, they probably wouldn’t need to bother applying for a mortgage. From banks and ratings agencies to magazines and think-tanks, predictions about Canadian house prices seem to be a national – and international – pastime. 

Falling Loonie A Good Thing? Higher Travel Costs Make You Think Twice

When Len Dvorkin saves up enough Aeroplan points each year, he redeems them for plane tickets for his family. However, frequent flyers know that the term “free plane tickets” is slightly misleading.

Falling Mortgage Rates Should Spur Caution Among Canadian Homebuyers

Unless you’ve been out ice-fishing for the last week and a half, you’ve probably heard about mortgage rates falling. Last week most Canadian lenders cut their two, three, four and five year fixed rate mortgages by 10 to 20 basis points to reflect a drop in bond yields. 

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Manitoba

The gateway between Canada’s traditional manufacturing heartland and the newer resource sectors, Manitoba is changing in ways that are unlike many of the other provinces.  Whereas many regions across the country are seeing limited economic investments from the private sector, the ratio of private vs. public growth in Manitoba actually favours the private market.

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Saskatchewan

Ever since 2007, the economy of Saskatchewan has been booming stronger than any province in Canada, rivaling the economic strength of Alberta.  Economic growth contributed to strong net gains in housing sales and average prices, with new housing starts rising or falling based on supply. 

Here Comes the Rate Cut

The conventional wisdom in Canada that “mortgage rates have nowhere to go but up” has been proven wrong – again. Yesterday RBC cut most of its fixed rates by 10 basis points in response to “competitor pricing,” and other banks are expected to follow suit. Even more significant is the growing likelihood that variable rates will fall too as the Bank of Canada considers cutting the overnight rate. That’s right – borrowers who rolled the dice and went variable will soon have some extra money in their pockets thanks to BoC governor Stephen Poloz. The freshman governor will be cutting rates in a matter of months if current economic trends continue.

How A Denied Credit Card Application Affects A Credit Score

Applying for a rewards credit card is a thrilling experience for many of us.  We start thinking about all the points we can collect and the benefits those points can provide us.  Cashback rewards, rebates for purchases, discounts on flights to exotic destinations – there is much to look forward to when applying for a rewards credit card.

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: Alberta

Arguably the strongest market in Canada, Alberta’s housing sector is growing strongly along with the provincial economy.  Home to two of the fastest growing regional markets in the country, as well as being the backbone of the Canadian economy, thousands of people are migrating to Alberta from all over the country new opportunities.

How To Handle The Holiday Hangover Credit Card Debt

Have you received your January credit card bill yet?  Canadians coast to coast to coast are awaiting their first post-holiday credit card statements.  Some of us have little to be concerned about, while others prepare for a long and painful payback process.

What To Expect In 2014 Province By Province: BC

British Columbia is one of the most interesting housing submarkets in Canada.  The province is home to the largest and most expensive regional market in the country, but also offers more affordable homes along the interior and to the north.

Does that mean you can afford a home in the country’s most western province?  Well that depends on a number of factors, including what BC can expect from 2014 onward.

Consolidating Your Debts In 2014? These Balance Transfer Credit Cards Can Help

Like so many Canadians, you probably went on a bit of a spending binge over the holidays. With all those credit card bills now coming due, the new year is a great time to consolidate your debts and get your financial house in order.
Balance transfer credit cards are a useful tool for Canadians whose debts have piled up because they allow you to transfer balances from one card to another. The interest rate relief you’ll experience is immediate – instead of paying upwards of 20% on your credit card debts, you’ll be paying 0-3% on the new card.
Here are some of the best balance transfer cards available in 2014:

Put An Extra $1 Into Savings A Week And Watch The Account Swell

Did you make a New Year’s resolution in the closing hours or minutes of 2013?  Many people resolve to save more money to steer clear of unmanageable debts, or relying extensively on credit cards to pay for everyday expenses.

How To Use Insurance To Recover From The Powerful Ice Storm

Eastern Canada is still recovering from the powerful ice storm last weekend that left hundreds of thousands without power.  Now that power is returning to most homes, many people are wondering how to pay for the damages.

Happy Holidays To All From Everyone At

Christmas Day has arrived, and families are preparing for their morning rituals surrounding the tree.  Thoughts of holiday credit card bills and committing to sound New Year's resolutions are pushed aside this morning as the spirit of the season takes hold across Canada.

How Much Should My First Offer Be?

The following is a guest post by Eric Tippelt, a professor at Loyalist College who also goes by Uncle E.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Eight Tips to Winterize Your Home

With much of the country in an early deep-freeze, it’s time to get to work on winterizing your home if you haven’t already done so. The Farmer’s Almanac says this winter will be extra-frigid, so you shouldn’t delay any longer! Winter-proofing prevents damage to your home, lowers your heating bill, and above all, keeps family and visitors warm and safe.  

Here are eight key winter-proofing tips you need to know as we head into the chilly winter months.

Tips To Prevent Credit Card Scammers From Ruining Your Holiday

It’s that time of year when most Canadians are focused on holiday shopping.  The malls are filled with people, products are being pulled from the shelves, and online sales help others avoid the frenzy at the malls.

Have You Got Your Winter Tires Attached For Winter Driving?

Are you ready for winter?  Have you attached winter tires to your car?  If you live west of Quebec, odds are a majority of your fellow drivers either delay or choose not to attach winter tires at all throughout the season.

How Might Higher Mortgage Insurance Premiums Affect The Cost Of A Loan

There are rumblings in the mortgage insurance sector about raising premiums, which inevitably will increase the cost of buying a home.  The talk is strictly rumours at this stage, but if the rumours are followed up by concrete actions, they will undoubtedly affect anyone interested in buying a home in the short to medium term.

The Six Best Ways to Lower Your Teen’s Auto Insurance Premiums

The thought of insuring a teen driver is enough to make some parents clutch their wallets in terror – teens and auto insurance can be an expensive combination!

Families often see their insurance premiums more than double because teens are considered to be ‘high risk’ drivers, and the statistics bear this out – teens are far more likely to be involved in accidents than any other age group.
The good news is that in 2013 there are more ways than ever to get your teen’s car insurance bill out of the stratosphere. Here are six of the best:

How Reviewing Insurance Terms And Conditions Can Help Save Money

Insurance is a very complicated concept for many of us.  Questions of how much insurance do we need, what are the most affordable rates, how long should insurance plans remain in effect – all important questions with answers that will be unique to each one of us.

Average Costs Of Owning Compared To Renting A Home In Canada

Stats Canada data from 2006 through 2011 show that a greater percentage of Canadian renters devote a larger portion of their monthly earnings to their household expenses than homeowners.  The actual monthly cost in dollars for homeowners is higher than for renters, but a larger proportion of renters are devoting over one third of their earnings to keeping a roof over their heads.

Mortgage Lending Rules Crimping Affordability For Eligible Homebuyers

Ottawa’s efforts to tighten the country’s mortgage rules last year seemed to work – for a while. Sales fell and prices stopped climbing as many Canadians found it tougher to get a loan. Many first-time buyers were particularly hard hit by the clampdown, because they had to save for a larger down payment and needed larger incomes to qualify for a mortgage.

How To Plan For Canada’s Own Black Friday Shopping Experience

This weekend is the American Thanksgiving, which is cited by airports across North America as one of the busiest travel times of the year.  Family members attempt to catch last minute flights home for the holiday, while shoppers on both sides of the border prepare for holiday sales.

What To Do When Applying For A Mortgage Through A Broker Or A Banker

Whether you're moving out for the first time, need more space or you're just tired of renting, before you can buy your first home, you need to find your mortgage. After all, buying a home will be one of the largest purchases of your life.

Financially Savvy Financial Literacy Tips For Charging Credit Expenses

November is Financial Literacy Month, and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada invites all Canadian citizens to participate and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. 

Insurance a Must for Mortgage Borrowers

Attention mortgage borrowers: do you have life insurance? We’re guessing the answer is probably no, and that would be a bad thing.

Could Tinfoil Be Necessary Security To Protect Credit Card Identity?

Whether we are processing cheques with our smartphones or tapping our credit cards without need of a pin or signature, technology brings convenience to our daily activities. And with the looming fear of credit card fraud across Canada we need to find ways to protect ourselves from electronic pickpocketing.   

Fixed Vs. Variable Rate Mortgages – Which One Best Fulfills Your Needs?

The latest announcement from the Bank of Canada stated that the country’s overnight interest rate will remain locked at 1 percent for a longer period of time.  Some of the language used in the announcement even hinted that a rate cut is now more likely than a rate hike.

Variable vs. Fixed Rate Mortgages – Which One Works Best For You?

Credit vs debit, buying vs renting, TFSA vs RSP – when it comes to personal finance, there are certain basic choices we all have to make. For homeowners, one of the most difficult decisions is whether to take a variable or fixed rate mortgage.

How To Import Cars And Adjust Auto Insurance At The Canada-US Border

It's that time of year again, snowbirds.  It's time to leave the Canadian nest and settle down south for the winter.  Here's a simple refresher on travelling inside the United States using a Canadian license, and also how to import a vehicle you may purchase in the US back into Canada.

Bridge Financing Explained

Bridge: “A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier.”

Imagine the world without bridges – it would certainly make the commute to work a whole lot more interesting! We sometimes need financial bridges too – especially when it comes to real estate.

Mike Duffy And Stephen Harper Locked In Fight Of Lies And Misdirection

The Senate scandal surrounding former Conservative, now Independent Senator Mike Duffy is one of the most extensive and corrupt stories to hit the Canadian public since the Liberal sponsorship scandal.  And it appears to be getting murkier and murkier with each passing day.

Rural Districts May See Increase In Fire Insurance Rates

Rural districts in Canada may see an increase in fire insurance due to national survey on the current rating system.

What The Throne Speech And What Was Left Out Means For Canadians

In Ottawa this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper kicked off a new session of Parliament with a speech from the throne by Governor General David Johnston.  The speech was considered by many an unofficial kickoff to the 2015 election, though the government insists the speech is a roadmap of legislative policies for the next two years.

How Do Insurance Companies Decide Who Is At Fault For Accidents?

Whether it has happened to you or a friend or you have slowed down and caught a glimpse on the freeway, accidents on the road frequently happen. While accidents are first and foremost a tragedy, in their own way they incentivize you to reevaluate your knowledge of the road and the insurance policies of the province. Presents the Mortgage Journey, a Step-by-Step Home Buying Companion for Canadians

Don’t know much about mortgages? That’s ok: we do! You’ll find it all in the Mortgage Journey, a step-by-step home buying companion we’re releasing today for Canadians from coast-to-coast.

Is Canadian Credit Card And Online Activity Under Surveillance?

Spying – the word itself invokes thoughts of secret observations and betrayals.  In Canada the word has long held little meaning in the minds of most ordinary citizens as the country was founded and remains powered by democratic freedoms for people which include the right to privacy.

Get The Most Out Of Your Car Insurance And Lower Monthly Rates

Every driver in Ontario can agree that auto insurance rates are high. But why are rates high and what can we do to decrease our rates when looking for a new insurance company?

Six Moving Tips That Will Save You Money

Buying a new property is exciting and wonderful until you start to think about how much hassle it will be to move. Not only is moving a major pain in the derrière – it can also be downright expensive!

The MintChip Won't Replace Credit Cards In Canadian Wallets

The digital world has made our lives much easier, and today there is very little that we can’t accomplish online. Welcomes Stephanie Cooper To The Writing Team

Stephanie Cooper adds a feminine touch to focusing on finance needs that matter most to women.

Is Travel Insurance Important For Crossing The Border Into The US?

Canada and the US maintain such a close and interdependent relationship that many travellers cross the border for day trips or longer vacations without a second thought.  Unfortunately, the interconnected connection between the two countries means you may be more likely to cross the border without travel or additional health insurance coverage.

The Mortgage Journey, Part Eight: The Home Stretch – Using Your Home’s Equity and Making the Final Payment

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining an important step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.

Is It Possible That Two Credit Cards Are Better Than One?

Thousands of Canadians own at least one credit card to help build credit scores.  In many ways, credit cards help you develop financially responsible habits, provided the outstanding balance is fully paid in the allotted grace period.

The Mortgage Journey, Part Seven: Paying Down Your Mortgage

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining an important step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.'s Back to School Money Saving Guide For Students

The Mortgage Journey, Part Six: The Transaction

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining an important step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.

Does Your Postal Code Affect Your Car Insurance Rates? You Bet It Does!

We all know that auto insurers use factors such as your driving record, age and vehicle type to calculate your premiums. What some Canadians don’t appreciate is how much their postal code affects their rate as well.

Your address, it turns out, is a big part of your insurance quote.

The Mortgage Journey, Part Five: The Offer

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining an important step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.

Demystifying Your Credit Score

Nearly 24 million Canadians have a credit file. Credit is a part of modern life, and so too is the credit score, even though most people only have a vague idea of what it is.

So, What's the Qualifying Rate?

If you’re applying for a mortgage in Canada you’ll probably come across the term Qualifying Rate. It’s an important term to know and plays a big part in most mortgage applications.

The Mortgage Journey, Part Four: The House Hunt

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining an important step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment. In week three, we looked at how to prepare for your house hunting adventures.

Now that you’ve gathered your documents and been pre-approved, it’s time to begin your home search.

The Mortgage Journey, Part Three: Preparing for the House Hunt

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining an important step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.

The CMHC Strikes Again: Six New Debt Service Guidelines That Could Affect Your Mortgage Application

As last year’s tighter mortgage rules continue to be felt in the Canadian housing market, the CMHC issued new guidelines recently that will make mortgage lending in Canada even more rigorous.

The Mortgage Journey, Part Two: Figuring Out Your Budget

Welcome back to’s Mortgage Journey series. Each week on our blog, we’re examining a key step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.

Introducing Live Chat Support on

If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed our live chat feature in the bottom right corner of your browser.  We are excited to be able to help serve our site visitors in real time and answer any questions about the site or how we can help you to save money on your mortgage, insurance, or credit cards.

The Mortgage Journey, Part One: From the Itch to Own to the Last Payment

At, we know that a mortgage is one of the biggest commitments most Canadians will ever take on, and today marks the first in our weekly series on the mortgage journey. Each week on our blog we’ll examine a key step in the mortgage process, from figuring out if taking a mortgage is the right decision, all the way to making the final payment.

One Year Later: Assessing the Impact of the July 2012 Mortgage Lending Changes

What a difference a year makes – or then again, maybe not. One year after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tightened the country’s mortgage lending rules, it’s worth taking a look at the impact of the changes on the housing market.

Protecting Your Abode: 6 Homeowners Insurance Tips You Need To Know

There are so many questions surrounding homeowners insurance. Even the term itself poses a quandary: does it have an apostrophe, or not? Homeowners/Homeowner’s/Homeowners’? Most insurers leave out the pesky apostrophe, so at that’s how we roll.

Love Your Father, Love Your Family

Earlier this month we wrote about fathers and life insurance, highlighting the benefits of a life insurance policy and why families should continually adjust their policy based on family needs.  In anticipation of Father’s Day, we asked our readers how much they plan on spending on their fathers this weekend.

#LRSuperMoms Mother's Day Contest Winner’s #LRSuperMoms Mother’s Day contest is now over and we would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.  We let our fans vote for their favourite SuperMom and the results are in!  Congratulations to Natt and her mom for submitting the most popular SuperMom story!

Our Top 10 #LRSuperMoms

A few weeks ago we launched our #LRSuperMoms Mother’s Day contest and asked you to share your Super Mom story about yourself or a mother you know.  We received some heartwarming stories, picked our favourites, and now it’s time for you to vote.  Help us pick Canada’s top Super Mom and cast your vote on Facebook!

Mom's Financial Lessons From Around the World

Last week we asked for our readers and fans to tell us their SuperMom stories and we’ve put together a list of our top 10 (and you can vote for your favourite story on Facebook here).  While we were reading your stories, we thought of our own mothers and how their financial advice helped shape us into the people we are today.  We learn from our moms everyday, and their personal tips and tricks to save money or stick to our budgets have been ingrained in us through the years.  Check out our video and infographic below!

#LRSuperMoms Mother's Day Contest

Know a mother that does it all?  Does your family call you SuperMom?  This Mother’s Day, you can help show appreciation for these mothers by telling us why you’re a SuperMom or sharing a story of a SuperMom you know.  If your story gets picked in our top 10, you’ll win a $50 gas card and the most popular SuperMom will win a $500 getaway in Canada!

Infographic: Home Improvement Projects That Save You Money in Ontario

Each year on April 22nd, over 1 billion people around the world celebrate Earth Day and discuss opportunities to act on environmental issues.

Talk With Our Kids About Money Day

Today is the day that the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education is hosting its inaugural “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day.” The program is sponsored by BMO Financial Group, and is an awareness campaign that educates young Canadians about the true value of money.

Funny April Fools’ Day Pranks From Global Companies

Today is April Fools’ Day - the day where people deliberately pull pranks to entertain, annoy, or in some cases, infuriate others in their lives.  Individuals and companies alike have enacted their own April Fools’ campaigns in years past that have entertained some and angered others.

Will A Hybrid Vehicle Save Me Money?

Over the last decade, the hybrid car has grown from a small concept into one of the most sought after vehicles on the market.  Hybrids were initially slow to catch on in North America, but as costs for traditional vehicles became less affordable, the North American culture grew to accept the hybrid as a cost and energy-conserving alternative.

Don’t Forget About World Plumbing Day

March is most widely recognized for three events – March Break for students, the official start of spring for everyone else, and the recently passed St. Patrick’s Day.  But one other day is unrecognized by many people every year, and that day is March 11, also known as World Plumbing Day.  According to Canada’s favourite handyman, Mike Holmes, World Plumbing Day acknowledges the tradespeople who ensure homes have clean pipes.

Easter Money Saving Ideas

Easter long weekend is only a few weeks away, which means families will put all their eggs in one basket – or more, depending on the number of children in the home. Filling those Easter baskets with chocolate eggs and small toys can become very expensive, especially if your family is on a tight budget.

How to Avoid Budget Breaking Traps

If you end up struggling to maintain your finances, one of the reasons could be that you have an ineffective budget.  The concept of a budget seems simple – spend less money than you earn.  But the concept isn’t that easy for everyone, especially when sales and other incentives encourage you to spend.

Prepare For The Unexpected Before Leaving On March Break

It’s that time of year when students put the books aside in order to enjoy a little freedom through March break.  Although the week off varies depending on the school, now is the time of year to enjoy the end of winter or get an early start on warmer weather.

What Are The Benefits Of The 20 Year Mortgage?

The spring season will officially begin as of March 20, and housing experts consider spring a very busy home buying season.  There are many home buying opportunities across the country as interest rates remain near record lows with the potential to lower in the short term, providing Canadians with a more affordable home financing plan. Radio Jingle made its radio debut in February and aired its first-ever jingle.  We think it’s got a nice ring to it, but we’re biased.  Listen below and tell us what you think!

My Lucky Valentine Giveaway Winner

Earlier this month, we launched our February giveaway, “My Lucky Valentine” and gave our site users the chance to win up to $300 with the submission of a mortgage, life insurance, or auto insurance inquiry form.  Yesterday marked the end of February and our contest and we are very excited to present to you our lucky winner!

103.9 Proud FM Interviews

Earlier this month, Justin Thouin, President and CEO of, was invited to 103.9 Proud FM for a special 1-on-1 interview with Mike Chalut. They talked about the company and then took a tour of the site to find a credit card. Mike’s lively personality added some spice to this interview! and 103.9 Proud FM Prepaid Credit Card Contest Winners and 103.9 Proud FM of Toronto held a contest last week from February 4-8, giving Proud FM listeners the chance to win 1 of 3 $100 prepaid credit cards.  The winners were annou

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