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Whether it's water skiing, exploring canals, or setting sail, nothing beats being out on the water. But before you slip on that life vest, make sure your craft is covered by a boat insurance policy.

Though not legally required in every province, boat insurance works like auto insurance. Depending on the level of coverage you choose, your boat insurance policy will protect you from liability, collisions, fire, theft, sinking, and other unexpected accidents. Boat insurance also safeguards you against risks that only arise when you're out on the water: sinking, capsizing, stranding — even explosions. And with a good boat insurance policy, you'll also get coverage for your marine equipment, which may include anchors, oars, dinghies, tools, navigation devices, and electric trolling motors.

So choose your insurance wisely. After all, boats can cost as much as cars, and operating them brings some of the same risks. Here at, we'll help you find the most affordable insurance plan for your boating needs.