Four best buys for summer fun

By: Lindsey Boycott on August 26, 2015

Ah summer. The time to soak up some patio sun, relax on some far flung beach and score some sweet deals. Here are four ways you can save money on your favourite items during the hot summer months.

Technology is a Good Buy

Back to School sales are a great way to go if you want a deal on laptops and other student-related technology. August is the perfect opportunity to pick up smart phones, laptops, and other student-related accoutrements at a steal of a deal.

If you are a fan of Apple, they always introduce a new iPhone in the fall so you’ll see prices start to drop in August. Check out this buyer’s guide for more tips on when to buy Apple products, it’s got great information on updates, product cycles and rumors.

Go for Online Games

Net gamers everywhere know that Steam is a one-stop shop for all things online entertainment. If you are a fan of Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, and Counter Strike, you’ll want to keep your eye on the annual Summer Sale that falls somewhere in mid-July.

You can get score big discounts on popular titles released in the first half of the year and older games that you missed out on earlier. Best-sellers can go for 75% to 90% off the regular price in some cases. Go to Google and type in “Steam Summer Sale” to get the deals.

Do You Want to be a Biker?

Motorcycles are a super-seasonal spend for most people. By late August, salesmen are going to start getting desperate to unload their merchandise onto whoever walks through the door. This is when you'll want to do your negotiating. Keep a cool head and remember that the sales guy wants to make the deal just as much as you want too.

After you close the deal, don't forget to make sure you have year round insurance on your bike. You may only ride for four or five months but having theft and personal liability/property damage coverage on your bike will buy you twelve months of peace of mind.

Get Your Summer Yard Stuff

Don’t rush into Home Depot at the beginning of May to buy a whole bunch of full-priced lawn furniture and flower planters. This is when the big box stores expect you to start thinking summer and they price accordingly. Stores like Walmart and Canadian Tire cycle their seasonal cycle early and finish early.

So if you wander into Walmart’s garden centre at the end of July, for instance; you’ll find that they’ve started to close up shop. The sweet spot for sales versus inventory selection will be a little different for every store but with Walmart, you’ll want to aim for last week of July, first week of August.

This also works for camping supplies, outdoor sports equipment (kayaking, cycling, etc.) and other summer fun stuff.

If you have a great backyard share pictures of your garden with us on Facebook or Twitter and be entered to win a Home Depot or Canadian Tire gift card. Get all the details here.