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As the most populated city in Canada, and the 4th most populated city in North America, Toronto is home to a lot of drivers — and a lot of vehicles. All those cars on the road can make driving in Toronto seem a bit daunting. After all, this is the land of bumper-to-bumper commutes, 16-lane highways, and people who want to get where they're going in a hurry.

But whether you're driving to work on the Don Valley Parkway, zipping around the Danforth, or heading across town via the 401, one thing that shouldn't be daunting is finding cheap auto insurance. Thankfully, at, you can compare auto insurance quotes from all the top insurers in just minutes.

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Most popular cars in Toronto.

No Canadian city has more vehicles on the road than Toronto does. Here's a snapshot of the kind of cars Toronto auto insurance shoppers are driving, based on the thousands of car insurance quotes completed at

Popular Brands

  1. Honda
  2. Toyota
  3. Mazda
  4. Nissan
  5. Chevrolet

Who shops for auto insurance in Toronto?

With millions of people getting behind the wheel every day, Toronto drivers are the most diverse in the nation. Based on our own auto insurance data, Toronto motorists actually have a surprisingly low rate of accidents and tickets given the long commute times and heavy traffic in the city.

Gender of our users


Average Age


years old

Tickets & Accidents

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Have Had Accidents

Your questions about driving in Toronto, answered.

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Facts and myths about driving in Toronto


  • There's a lot of auto insurance fraud in Toronto. The Ontario Anti-Fraud Task Force discovered that 83% of all auto insurance fraud in Ontario happens in the GTA.
  • The single most popular vehicle for Toronto auto insurance shoppers is the Honda Civic LX4DR.
  • Hard to believe, but Toronto's 401 is the #1 busiest freeway in North America.
  • Yonge and Dundas is the busiest intersection in Toronto, with an average of 6,000 pedestrians and 2,000 vehicles passing through in a single hour.


  • Toronto roads are filled with bad drivers. False. Our 2016 user data shows that Toronto drivers have only been involved in about 5.3% of all Ontario car accidents and hold about 2.1% of all Ontario tickets.
  • Toronto is the most congested city in Canada. False. That distinction belongs to Vancouver. Toronto comes in 2nd, according to most surveys.
  • Towing a hotdog cart without trailer plates is illegal in Toronto. False. Hotdog carts aren't considered trailers under the Highway Traffic Act, so they don't need plates.

Toronto driving tips

  1. Be cautious around streetcars. When one of Toronto's ubiquitous streetcars stops to open its doors, don't pass between it and the sidewalk. You must come to a complete stop and wait for the doors to close before proceeding.
  2. Yield for buses. Buses in Toronto must be granted right of way as they merge in and out of the curb lane to access stops.
  3. Be aware of Eglinton Crosstown construction. Drivers going through the centre of town should watch out for ongoing construction on the Eglinton Crosstown Line. The light rail project, which cuts through the city along Eglinton Avenue all the way from Etobicoke to Scarborough, is snarling traffic and extending commute times for drivers.
  4. Keep it under 50. Speed limits in Toronto are usually clearly marked, but on streets where no sign is present, the default limit is 50km/hour.

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