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Driving in Calgary isn't always simple. Motorists brave heavy rush hour traffic and weather that can quickly change. They also have to contend with a lot of road construction, including a new Calgary Ring Road that's being built around the city to help commuters get from one end of town to another.

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  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. Nissan
  4. Ford
  5. Chevrolet

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Your questions about driving in Calgary, answered.

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Facts and myths about driving in Calgary


  • No hitchhiking. It's illegal to hitchhike within Calgary city limits.
  • Say cheese. In Calgary, 51 intersections have speed-on-green cameras, red-light cameras, or both.
  • Now that's a parade. The Calgary Stampede Parade has over 40 floats, 30 marching bands, and 350,000 spectators every year.
  • Calgary's Deerfoot Trail is the busiest road in all of Alberta. Over 160,000 vehicles pass over sections of Deerfoot Trail every day.
  • Major construction of the South-West portion of the Calgary Ring Road began in the fall of 2016. The 31 km section is expected to open in 2021, bringing the city one step closer to completing the 100 km Ring Road.


  • Radar detectors are illegal in Calgary. False. Radar detectors are legal in Calgary and in the rest of Alberta.
  • In Calgary, the most dangerous street for pedestrians is Macleod Trail S. False. A study done by a local engineer found that the intersection of 17th Avenue S.W. and 4th Street S.W. witnessed more pedestrian injuries than anywhere else in the city.
  • Parking is free on the day of the Calgary Stampede Parade. False. Parking meters downtown are not free on parade day.
  • Calgary is a one-industry town.False. Calgary's economy is about more than just oil. You'll also find transportation, agriculture, telecommunications, and technology companies, plus many other other great businesses, in Calgary.

Calgary driving tips

  1. If you're driving in Calgary during the winter, buy snow tires. If you're driving in Calgary during the winter, buy snow tires.
  2. Drive cautiously at Deerfoot Trail and 16th Avenue. It's widely viewed as the most dangerous intersection in the entire city, rivalled only by the Deerfoot Trail and Glenmore Trail intersection.
  3. Stay up-to-date on the Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road S.E. Interchange Project. As of July 2016, an 18-month detour is routing drivers around the new Glenmore Trail roadway and interchange. Access to Ogden Road and to Barlow Trail is still available, but plan your travels accordingly.
  4. Put your cell phone down. Calgary traffic laws strictly prohibit texting and emailing while you're operating a motor vehicle.

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