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  • Snowbird Travel Insurance
    For Canadians who want to slip away from the cold and icy weather of their home country for a few months every winter, buying snowbird travel insurance isn’t just a good idea – it’s an absolute necessity! Find the best policies here.
  • Condo Insurance
    Your condominium corporation’s insurance coverage stops at your door. That’s why savvy condo owners buy condo insurance – they want to know that the interior of their unit is protected from damages and liability.
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    This is the land of maple leaves, hockey, and of course, public healthcare for all. However, just because Canadians enjoy basic health coverage doesn’t mean they should rule out a private health insurance plan. LowestRates.ca has the best plans from the top providers.
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    Whether you’re in braces and headgear or looking for a new pair of dentures, let’s face it – it’s important to protect those pearly whites! At LowestRates.ca, we’ll help you save time and money by finding you a dental insurance plan that works for you.
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    Whether you’re white-knuckling it on your very first bike or are a life long motorcycle enthusiast, LowestRates.ca will help you find the insurance policy that’s right for you. Not only is it a good idea to protect you and your machine with an insurance policy – it’s the law!
  • Boat Insurance
    Whether it’s water-skiing on inland lakes, exploring canals and rivers or setting sail on the ocean, nothing compares to being out on the water. But before you put on that life preserver, make sure your vessel is covered by a great boat insurance policy.
  • RV Insurance
    From weekend trips to treks across the country, more and more Canadians are choosing to hit the open road in an RV. RVs are unique in that they serve as both a vehicle and a home, so RV insurance policies are structured with this in mind.
  • Usage-Based Insurance
    Lower your car insurance rates with a usage-based auto insurance policy.
  • Ride-Sharing Insurance
    Learn all about ride-sharing insurance in Canada and get your quote today.