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Edmonton delivers on it's nickname, "Gateway to the North". As the 5th largest municipality in the country and the home of almost 1 million people, Edmonton is thriving. And along with its population and infrastructure growth, Edmonton has seen a surge of vehicles on the road. All those people need to get around, and they have plenty of ways to do so: a robust network of roads gets you from St. Albert to Summerside.

But whether you're commuting every day via the Calgary Trail or taking a road trip across the Canadian prairies, every Edmonton driver needs car insurance. Rates recently went down in Edmonton, which is why all drivers in the city should shop around and secure the best rate. It's time to take the guesswork out of shopping for auto insurance and compare quotes at LowestRates.ca.

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Driving in Edmonton: facts and myths

Fun facts
  • According to the 2011 National Household Survey, Edmonton residents spent as much time commuting to work as did residents in Canada’s other major metropolises. The average commute time in Edmonton (one way) was 25.6 minutes.
  • Monitor Edmonton roads on edmontontrafficcam.com. Select an area on the map and tune into a live feed of Edmonton roads and highways. There are cameras set up all the way from St. Albert Trail to Gateway Boulevard, so you can get a sneak peek at traffic anywhere in the city.
  • It's official. Edmonton airport cabs will now drive passengers to Edmonton International Airport. Until recently, the Airport Taxi Service could only give you a lift if you needed a ride into the city from the airport. Now, you can get a ride the other way around as well: from the city to the airport.
  • Edmonton is home to some of the least congested highways in the country. False. Due to the city's sudden growth spurt, Edmonton highways get very congested. And, of course, rush hour's the worst for congestion, especially in the north end of the city, where St. Albert Street becomes gridlocked for hours.
  • Edmonton doesn't have a cultural scene beyond cowboys and oil. False. Edmonton has a thriving arts and culture scene, and it's home to a multitude of museums, galleries, theaters, and live music venues. The city also has a surprisingly vibrant nightlife.
  • Edmonton roads are arbitrarily named. False. You see lots of "avenues" and "streets" when you drive through this Alberta city, but these names aren't random. Roads titled "avenue" run east and west, while roads titled "street" run north and south. In Edmonton, you can figure out which direction a road goes just by knowing the name.

Edmonton driving tips

  1. When in doubt, keep right. On Edmonton highways, it's common courtesy for slower traffic to stay in the right lane. If you're not in a hurry, move to the right.
  2. Keep it under 30km/h in school zones. The city recently introduced 30 km/h speed limits around schools, but many drivers continue to speed in these areas, according to CBC.ca. Duggan School and McKernan School zones are especially prone to speeding drivers. Don't make the same mistake. Drive slowly around Edmonton schools.
  3. In snowy Edmonton, winter tires are a must. It snows a lot in this city, with storms dumping up to 30 cm at a time in mid-winter, and the snow starts earlier and ends later than it does in more temperate parts of the country. The city's been known to get snowfall as early as August and as late as June.
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