Car insurance shopaholics: 10 Ontario cities that love to compare

By: Rebecca Lee on October 24, 2016
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While online comparison shopping isn’t new (we do it all the time for flights and hotels!), it’s not as common for car insurance. But we’re getting there.

Drivers are increasingly comparing car insurance quotes online, and some cities are much more active than others. Based on more than 5,000 auto insurance policies taken through over the past 12 months, here are the cities that are currently leading the trend in rate comparison.

10 Ontario cities that love to compare auto insurance 

RankCityAverage Monthly Rate
6North york$247.69

Meet the top 5

Unsurprisingly, Brampton (2nd) and Toronto (4th) made the top 5 — drivers in both cities are dominating the market for auto insurance comparison.

But, surprise! It’s Mississauga that took 1st place. Mississauga had the highest number of auto insurance shoppers out of all the other cities in Ontario. Scarborough ranked 3rd and Hamilton (another surprise) ranked 5th, respectively.

About the monthly rate

We added the average monthly rate, so you can get a sense for how much car insurance costs in each city. These averages are based on actual auto insurance policies taken in that city over the past 12 months — no other filters added.

And it’s not hard to already see an interesting pattern. The top 5 cities also had some of the highest rates out of the list. Maybe those cities have more car insurance shoppers because rates in that city are among the most expensive in Ontario.  

They’re shopping — are you?

Auto insurance rate comparison is on its way to becoming a common practice. A couple stats to back that claim: our site has seen 125% in user growth over the past 12 months and almost 1000% growth since 2013. Believe me now?

So the question is, did you shop around for your car insurance? ‘Cause if you didn’t, you’re probably missing out on a better rate. Just ask the drivers in the 10 cities listed above.