Baggage delay versus baggage loss insurance: what are you covered for?

By: Archna Walia on August 31, 2022
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You’re planning your next trip — browsing through options for the best hotels, eateries, and destinations — when suddenly you’re reminded of the recent incidents of baggage chaos at busy airports. Not to mention the viral videos of luggage laying unattended, making you second guess your travel plans.  

Unfortunately, a lot of travellers have been in this position recently. Citing labour issues and resource challenges, airports — including Toronto Pearson — have become infamous for flight delays and missing baggage issues.  

Rest assured, you don’t have to cancel your travel plans. But you should be prepared for anything and everything. To ensure the safety of the items in your luggage, and for your own peace of mind, purchasing travel insurance is always advisable. But when it comes to baggage insurance, which is usually sold as an optional add-on, what do you need to know? 

Baggage delay insurance  

Imagine you’re on a business trip and have an important client meeting in a few hours. You land at the airport only to discover that your luggage is delayed. All you have with you are the clothes you’re wearing, which aren’t necessarily business appropriate. You hunt for the nearest shopping area and purchase essentials, like a new suit, some toiletries, and get ready for your meeting. Who is liable for these last-minute expenses?  

Baggage delay coverage is intended to have your back while you await your luggage. This policy reimburses the cost of essentials you had to purchase because your baggage was delayed during a trip. The amount covered and the time frame for reimbursement will vary from policy to policy. To make the most of this coverage, be sure to keep all documents and receipts intact.  

Baggage loss insurance  

Does the thought of luggage chaos at the airport send shivers down your spine? Or maybe you’re concerned about the repercussions of your baggage getting lost? Baggage loss insurance can help. 

Baggage loss is usually sold alongside baggage delay insurance and covers you if your luggage is stolen, lost, or damaged during a trip. The insurance provider either pays out a pre-selected amount of money for lost baggage, or there might be a maximum amount you can claim per item. This will vary from policy to policy.  

Make the most of your travel insurance  

To take advantage of baggage insurance, most providers require you to file a claim within a specific period. You may also need to file a report through the airline in order to have your claim accepted.  

Baggage delay documentation requirements might include original receipts of the items and, in case of baggage loss, proof of ownership of the lost items.  

So before heading to your destination, be sure to read the terms and conditions of your travel policy and make yourself aware of the requirements. Also, be sure to keep all relevant documents and receipts with you. 

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