We Grow and Develop Because We Learn From a Good Story

By: Gary Parkinson on January 27, 2015

ABC Life Literacy Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Canadians improve their literacy skills. In 1999, the organization created Family Literacy Day, a national awareness initiative revolving around activities that inspire families to improve the literacy of their children. Notable children’s author Robert Munsch is the Honourary Chair of Family Literacy Day.

Literacy is a fundamental skill that allows Canadians to live fulfilling lives. A child who learns to read later learns to interpret the meaning behind those written words. This skill allows the child to develop good judgment to make wise decisions, and as the child grows, he or she is likely to develop even more skills by reading or writing.

As a person moves on from their favourite childhood stories, he or she will begin reading more complicated stories, based either in fiction or on real world events. By continuing to read and challenge the mind, a person learns to interpret the surrounding the world, and is capable of making wise decisions to better his or her own life.

The ability to make smart decisions is an important asset when it comes to managing money. That’s why the team at LowestRates.ca supports the educational development of a child as early as possible. Every member of our team grew up with books that inspired each of us to think, to understand new ideas, and to believe we can create exciting lives that mirror the characters we grew to love.

These are some of the books members of our team grew up on, which are all stories that can help new generations become literate, responsible, and independent.

Justin Thouin
Justin loved this book because:  "Our grade 2 class was read this book at the end of each day by our teacher. The book captured my imagination and sent me on a journey of reading every Roald Dahl book I could get my hands on."
Cliff Ritter
Cliff loved this book because:  "My book was chosen because my parents wanted to teach me the value of hard work, and to teach me that not everything in life is easy and handed to you on a silver platter."
Tahnya Kristina
Tahnya loved this book because:  "I loved Dr. Seuss as a child because it's fun, it rhymes and there's something loveable about a goofy cat in a hat. It's just one of those things from my childhood that stuck with me as I grew up."
Justin Leung
Justin loved this book because:  "I liked my book because it taught me about unconditional love. Even though the main character was transformed into a mouse, his grandmother continued to love him because he continued to be the same boy despite the drastic change in physical appearance."

Jorge Loria

Jorge loved this book because:  "It was a story that made me think the sky's the limit when it comes to ideas.  And I thought that's a huge beanstalk."
Gary Parkinson
Gary loved this book because:  "I was a little guy growing up and I related to the characters.  The world is a big, and at times an overwhelming place, but we all do what we need to do to survive."
Thomas Sigsworth
Tom loved this book because:  "I've been very fond of Bill Peet's books since the very first day my Grade 3 teacher started reading them in class. Aside from the awesome illustrations, 'Kermit the Hermit' is great because it imparts lots of wisdom about saving, sharing and giving back to others."
Lucy Zemljic
Lucy loved this book because:  "This was the very first book I ever read by myself! Twenty-odd years later, I still remember that stubborn moose, because he sparked a lifelong love of reading."
Tessrah Baptiste
Tessrah loved this book because:  "Madeline was the youngest of the girls and did things differently than the other 12 girls, which resonated with me being the youngest of my siblings and cousins. I felt I saw myself in her a bit."
Robert Loureiro
Robert loved this book because:  "The real challenge was mental, not physical. I loved how that little train inspired me to keep reading, and to keep working towards my goals."
Tim Pham
Tim loved this book because:  "The day I read this book to my class in Senior Kindergarten, it became the one thing my friends remembered from when we were kids. I was proud of that."
Gary Han
Gary loved this book because:  "I liked the rhyming pattern in the book that made it fun for me to read through.  Plus I love eggs and ham."


We also reached out to personal financial bloggers who support Family Literacy Day, and agreed to provide the names of their own favourite childhood books.



Family Literacy Day is officially held on January 27th every year. But many organizations will promote the initiative as Family Literacy Week, including ABC Life Literacy Canada and libraries like the Toronto Public Library.

During the weeklong promotion, ABC Literacy and the participating libraries encourage individuals and organizations to donate children’s books to their foundations. LowestRates.ca will donate various copies of our own featured books to one of these organizations to help more young Canadians become absorbed by a good story.

Happy Family Literacy Day!