What Are the Top Cars For Gas Mileage?

By: Martin Dasko on April 8, 2015

“I can’t afford the gas to drive down there.”

A friend stressed to me about how he didn’t want to drive out of town because he couldn’t afford the gas. He was spending a fortune on car insurance, car payments and maintenance already. He didn't have any wiggle room in his budget to make casual trips.

I was disappointed because I knew that this trip was going to be worth the investment. However, I was in no position to tell him to how spend his money. This did get me thinking about fuel efficient vehicles though.

How much is your fuel costing you?

This one study on gas expenses revealed that some folks spend over $2,000/annually on fuel.

I’ll be brutally honest and admit that I’ve never calculated what I spend on fuel in a year. I drive a Corolla so I don’t spend as much as my friend who owns an SUV.

Do you know what you’re spending on fuel for your automobile?

What are the top four cars for gas mileage?

I checked out Consumer Reports before writing this article to gather some ideas in case you’re interested. Through that same page I was able to find important information on miles per gallon and other details. The list is in no specific order. This list is also highly subjective.

1. Honda CR-Z.

At 37 combined miles per gallon, you’re definitely going to save money in the long run. I heard from a friend that this car is comfortable for long trips if that’s something that interests you.

2. Toyota Prius C Two.

The 44-mpg is nothing to laugh at. Think about how long you can drive on a tank for? The price ranges from $24,200 - $34,905, so you might see yourself spending more money on the upfront cost.

3. Ford C-Max Hybrid.

According to US News, this vehicle is known for its safety and passenger space. I don’t know about you, but I might my space and safety as I drive fairly often.

4. Ford Focus.

You can buy this make of car in sedan, electric, and a few other formats. The sedan will start at $16,799. The electric version will cost you more, but will definitely save you coin on gas. If I had to pick one of these to purchase, it would be the Ford C-Max Hybrid.

I enjoy my space and savings.

How about you?

Which car is right for you?

For me it boils down to comfort and affordability. I plan on spending a decent amount of time in every car that I buy. I also want the car to be affordable so that I’m not concerned about the cost of driving to buy groceries.

Buying a car is an important decision that you need to take seriously. I hope you take a chance to consider these cars if you’re looking to save money in the long run.

Image Courtesy of ©iStock.com