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MBNA True Line® Gold Mastercard®

MBNA True Line® Gold Mastercard®

This offer is not available for residents of Quebec. For residents of Quebec, please click here.

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Network Provider
Low Interest
Balance Transfer
Annual fee
Purchase interest rate
Cash advance rate
Balance transfer rate
0% 8.99% after 6 months
Credit Needed
Good (650-749)

Card Features

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Fraud Protection

About This Card

The MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard is a low-interest credit card with an outstanding welcome offer: those who qualify for this card can transfer a balance from an existing card and pay 0% interest for the first six months, making it a top choice for people who want to consolidate their debt and pay it off quickly. This offer is only available to new applicants. 

This card carries a fee, although there is a no-fee version called the MBNA True Line Mastercard. The difference is the Gold version offers one of the best interest rates in the market: 8.99% versus 12.99% for the no-fee card.

The annual fee clocks in at $39. For that price, though, you get a card that has an impressively low purchase interest rate, a totally unique welcome offer, and robust insurance coverage.

There are, however, a few extra fees consumers need to consider before applying for the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard.

Since MBNA is owned by TD Bank, consumers who have credit card debt on a TD-issued credit card cannot transfer their balance onto their new MBNA card. There’s also a transaction fee equal to 3% of the dollar amount of each of your balance transfers (yes, you can transfer more than one balance!). A minimum fee of $7.50 also applies for each balance you transfer. This applies to the no-fee version as well.

The interest rate for access cheques is 8.99% and cash advances are 24.99%.

Why get the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard?

Pay 0% interest on balance transfers - This promotional offer was what put the now-retired MBNA Platinum Plus on the map. Thankfully, consumers can still take advantage of MBNA’s offer of 0% interest on transferred balances for the first six months. Some one-time fees apply, but if you’re carrying credit card debt and you’re serious about tackling it, the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard can save you a lot on interest over the long-term. Plus, you can transfer multiple balances. 

Low annual fee - For $39 a year, cardholders have access to some of the lowest interest rates in the Canadian credit card marketplace.

Low interest on purchases and balance transfers - While some credit lenders charge significantly more interest on certain transactions, the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard has a flat interest rate for most transactions: 8.99% on all purchases and access cheques. Cash advances carry a charge of 24.99%.

Enhanced insurance coverage and customer service - MBNA's comprehensive suite of insurance benefits covers cardholders in a multitude of scenarios, be it identity or credit card theft, the unexpected death of an immediate family member, or serious injury in a rental car. 

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