How can I get cheaper auto insurance?

Getting a quality car insurance policy for a great price keeps money in your pocket and -- let’s face it -- just plain feels good. Here are some of the best strategies for getting a cheaper car insurance rate:

Drive carefully: Safe driving protects you and your premiums. So stay alert, follow the law, and know your limits -- if you’re tired or the roads are treacherous, don’t drive at all. Maintaining an accident-free record means insurers will reward you with a lower rate. A bad driving record (tickets, suspensions, accidents, etc.) marks you as high-risk and will translate into much higher premiums.

Ask about discounts: Depending on factors like your age, your driving history, and how many vehicles you own, you probably qualify for a special insurance discount. Most providers offer discounts if you bundle your home and auto insurance or if you buy coverage for more than one vehicle. Some providers even give you a lower rate if you’re a student with high marks. And as of January 2016, all Ontario insurers offer winter tire discounts of up to 5%.

Take extra safety precautions: Complete a driver’s safety program and choose a secure vehicle. The extra training from a driver’s education course earns you a valuable discount on your insurance and, in general, can help you score a cheaper rate. Driving a vehicle with advanced safety features and/or a stellar security system protects your car from theft and lowers your chances of being involved in an accident. And there’s one more benefit: most insurers offer a discount if your car meets certain safety criteria.

Compare, compare, compare: Never settle for a rate before checking your options. Just remember: insurers are competing for your business. Use our comparison engine to shop for policies from the leading providers in your area and narrow down your auto insurance choices. Then all you have to do is the pick the provider with the lowest rate!

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