Be Wary of Online Scam Offering Cheap Tickets to Toronto Attractions

By: Gary Parkinson on July 22, 2015

A man from Ajax, Ontario had his personal and credit card information stolen when he attempted to purchase discounted tickets to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto using a site called

According to CTV’s Sean Davidson, David Beeby said the first red flag went up in his mind when his card was rejected.

He soon realized that the site wasn’t affiliated with the real Groupon site when he discovered the address, phone number, and e-mail on the site were all fake.

“I’m tech savvy and I got fooled, I mean that’s the shame of it all,” Beeby said.

Ripley’s Aquarium stated that they have had problems before with scams and fake tickets. They recommend that if you need a ticket, buy it directly from them. “We do not authorize third party agencies to offer tickets on our behalf.”

The Aquarium isn’t the only Toronto destination is using to lure in unsuspecting tourists. The site also claims to have tickets for the Toronto Zoo and the CN Tower. With the Pan Am games in town, business is booming for such destinations, and many a savvy traveler may try to save a few bucks while visiting the city.

For your safety, always call and do your research when buying tickets online. Credit card fraud is an ongoing concern for Canadians, particularly as scammers develop higher quality websites to mislead unsuspecting people. Secure websites often have web addresses that start with HTTPS instead of HTTP, indicating their safety right up front.

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