Experts say health benefits to cover medical marijuana soon

By: Dominic Licorish on July 26, 2015

Health Canada introduced some game-changing rules regarding the sale of cannabis oil for medical use that has some experts predicting that insurance companies will finally cover the cost of medical marijuana under health benefits policies.

The new regulations come as a result of the Supreme Court of Canada ruling that medical marijuana users should have the option to consume it in other ways than just smoking. This change means marijuana producers can now sell cannabis oil gel caps, which have more precise doses as well as more resemblance to traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

Alexandra Posadzki writes that experts such as Bruce Linton, CEO of Tweed Marijuana Inc. are confident that this resemblance will go a long way towards improving medical marijuana’s legitimacy to insurance companies and doctors.

“When something doesn’t look different than other medicines, it becomes much easier for people to get comfortable with the idea that this is, in fact, a possible treatment option for patients,” says Bruce Linton.

As it stands, medical marijuana has yet to undergo the Health Canada approval process and receive a Drug Identification Number. If it did, it’s very likely insurance companies would cover it automatically. Currently it is only by rare exception that they cover it.

With more progressive and rigorous research being done on the effects of marijuana as well as more acceptance throughout society after seeing how successful legalization has been in states like Colorado, it’s only a matter of time before we see marijuana hitting pharmacy shelves to relieve us of our aches, pains, and… emotional stress.

Image Courtesy of Adobe Stock