Female-only taxi service on its way to Toronto

By: Vin Heney on May 31, 2016

The global fight for gender equality and women’s rights has taken many forms for all sorts of people. One area we struggle with is creating a world in which women can feel as safe as men. Toronto entrepreneur Aisha Addo wants to help change that.

DriveHer is Aisha’s answer to the male-dominant world of taxis and Uber. Whether you like the idea of Uber or you’re tired of the inconvenience of traditional taxi companies, everyone can agree that the ride-for-hire world is dominated by men. And while there are plenty of great guys out there, the occasional creep can ruin the trust women put in taxi drivers. In Aisha’s case, her own experience opened her eyes to the opportunity for a ride service that caters to women, by women.

DriveHer will be a ride-sharing service that not only exclusively serves female passengers, but employs female drivers. It’s an idea that resonates strongly with women according to the CBC article which quotes one female teacher as saying, “As soon as you say, 'Started by women for women,' just an automatic safety issue there for me is resolved and served right on a silver platter.”

The idea of a service excluding a group of people simply based on gender doesn’t sit well with some people. But just like Chariot in the U.S. DriveHer isn’t intended to segregate the taxi industry, but simply provide an option where there wasn’t one before.

Now that Toronto has updated bylaws allowing legal ride-sharing, Aisha just has to make sure her business follows them to get operations started. She hopes the service will be up and running by August.