Hang up if Air Canada calls to say you won a free promotion

By: Gary Parkinson on July 18, 2015

Telephone scams are becoming all too common across Canada. Fraudsters pose as legitimate telemarketers in an attempt to convince Canadians they owe money for unsettled debts or have just been awarded a luxury vacation. To settle the matter, fraudsters tell victims that they need to provide their credit card account information.

These types of calls not only disingenuously affect Canadians in their everyday lives; they also affect the reputations of the brands misrepresented on the calls. The Canada Revenue Agency has been repeatedly misrepresented by scammers, and Air Canada is advising residents that telemarketing calls seemingly from the company are fraudulent.

Scammers are claiming to represent the airline by offering unsuspecting Canadians a special prize or a free vacation paid for by Air Canada. The calls are primarily affecting residents in British Columbia, who are told they must provide a credit card number to claim the promotion.

Air Canada issued a statement denouncing the fraudulent calls this week, advising Canadians that scammers are making the calls to “collect personal information for personal use.” The airline also clarified that no legitimate promotions are made over the phone.

“Air Canada does not engage in phone promotions.”

Air Canada, as well as police, advises anyone who received these types of misleading phone calls to contact the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre and report the incidents as soon as possible. There is also more information about the types of communication scams on the Air Canada website to help Canadians avoid the traps laid out by scammers.

Image Courtesy of Adobe Stock