Credit Cards

New credit card provides contributions to WWF Canada

By: Justin Leung on November 15, 2012

Canada is known for its vast and diverse conservation areas.  Protecting these reserves is a very important issue for Canadians, and a new credit card will donate money to help with preservation efforts.  BMO Financial Group has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Canada and the Air Miles Reward Program to launch a special MasterCard that will help support the mission of WWF Canada to preserve the environment.

The card is called the BMO-WWF Affinity Card.  Each time the card is used to make a purchase, a percentage of that purchase is donated to the WWF Canada fund.  BMO customers also have opportunities to earn Air Miles rewards or cash back by using the card.  The reward miles can then be redeemed to provide even more support for the WWF fund.  For example, 190 reward miles are redeemable for a $20 cash donation to WWF Canada, which is also tax deductible.

BMO Director of Credit Card Products, Nick Mastromarco, says the new card offers the regular advantages of all BMO credit cards with the added bonus of a partnership with WWF Canada, a popular and well-regarded organization.

WWF-Canada is one of the country's leading environmental conservation organizations, with the active support of more than 150,000 Canadians.”

Angela Simo Brown, General Manager of Air Miles for social change, says her company’s participation is based on customer feedback.  She says preserving the environment is an important cause for most Air Miles collectors.

Our collectors have told us that encouraging environmentally-friendly choices and supporting charitable giving through the AIR MILES Reward Program is important to them, and we are proud to extend this partnership with the launch of this new card.”

WWF Canada Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Hadley Archer is also jubilant about the new credit card.  He believes the new partnership is a reflection of how Canadian social and environmental concerns can influence business.

We hope that this new opportunity to donate will bring additional support to our work on the most critical conservation challenges facing our planet.”