By: Gary Parkinson on November 21, 2012

Black Friday is arguably the busiest shopping day of the year in the US, with millions of people attracted to steep retail discounts and the lure of potential savings. This year, however, Canadians don’t seem to be buying into the hype south of the border, opting instead to make their purchases at home over the Christmas/Boxing day period.

By: Cliff Ritter on November 20, 2012

The next time you pull money out of a bank machine, you will be getting the newly designed $20 bills.  Released into circulation earlier this month, the crisp new bills are made largely of plastic and are expected to be much more resistant to wear and tear.  While $50 and $100 denominations of the plastic design have been in circulation for a year, the $20 bill is new to the scene and, surprisingly, is still not being accepted at all locations.

By: Justin Leung on November 19, 2012

Today marks the beginning of Financial Planning Week. The annual awareness campaign helps Canadians understand how to make good financial decisions, and comes at an ideal  time – a new survey commissioned by the Investor Education Fund (IEF) found that less than one third of Ontarians have basic financial knowledge.

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on November 18, 2012

Toronto resident Reiner Hoyer has transformed his home into an inspiration for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly living.  Hoyer is a renovation consultant who says Canada is behind the curve in home design.  He upgraded his home by adopting the “passive house” standard us

By: Gary Parkinson on November 17, 2012

Canada is gearing up for Financial Planning Week, starting November 19th.  The awareness campaign is intended to help Canadians, particularly young adults, manage their finances in a positive way.  Al Nagy, Regional Director of Edmonton’s Investors Group Financial Services, says it is important to teach young Canadians to approach their finances responsibly. This year’s initiative is intended to help youngsters grasp key personal finance concepts like smart budgeting and establishing and maintaining good credit.

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on November 14, 2012

Canadian homebuyers often focus on the wrong things, according to the country’s favourite handyman, Mike Holmes.  His advice for saving money on a home is to start repairs on the outside and work your way in.  Holmes believes that a home should first be considered an investment, and advises fellow Canadians to approach their real estate purchases with the same mindset.  While taking the handyman’s advice may cost an extra few thousand dollars upfront, it could also save buyers tens of thousands in home repairs over the long term.

By: Gary Parkinson on November 13, 2012

Canadians are preparing to spend a little more this holiday season, and many will use the internet to do it.  A survey commissioned by Deloitte, one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, indicates Canadians will spend 1 to 2 percent more than they did last year.  In addition, almost 60 percent of respondents said they will be using the internet to search for the best prices and promotions.

By: Cliff Ritter on November 12, 2012

Canadians continue to have an appetite for borrowing money.  Record low interest rates have fuelled demand amongst Canadian consumers to borrow money for big ticket purchases.  Unfortunately, as the demand for borrowing has continued to rise, understanding what borrowing truly means for you and your credit has not appreciated with that demand.   The fine print of a loan often goes unread, and many Canadians struggle to understand what they have truly gotten into.