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By: Gary Parkinson on September 28, 2012

Canada’s public health care system has been praised for its strengths while also criticized for its limitations. The long wait times and uneasy access to surgery or even a bed in the hospital has come under fire from both within the country and from outside. Critics argue that banning a two tiered system for those who choose to pay for private health insurance is contributing to the longer wait times in the overburdened public system; and those critics’ voices are getting louder.

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on September 27, 2012

With so much economic gloom and doom about household debt and the threat of rising interest rates in the news each day it’s hard to imagine consumers’ personal finances to be showing any signs of confidence. But a new survey from the Conference Board of Canada suggests consumer confidence is moving in a good direction and hopeful to continue improving over the coming months; perhaps the warnings in the media have shined a bit of light in the gloomy dark and contributed to improving financial situations.

By: Cliff Ritter on September 26, 2012

Good news for Canadian auto insurance providers; overall satisfaction among the population has gone up from last year according to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates. The key reasons for that satisfaction are due to fewer increases in insurance premiums and better offerings on each policy; lower cost and better service are always very important for successful business.

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on September 25, 2012

As Canada finds itself swamped in record levels of household debt, a new survey suggests a majority of Canadians are comfortable with going into debt to cover an unexpected cost. The poll was done by Harris/Decima, asking respondents how confident they were raising $2,000 in a month if an unexpected expense affected their budgets.

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By: Gary Parkinson on September 25, 2012

Analysts were concerned about the future of ING Direct after it was announced one of Canada’s big banks would be buying the Canadian ING operations from the Dutch parent company, in its efforts to pay off European debt. But ING CEO Peter Aceto has assured customers and investors that Scotiabank in its final efforts to close the sale is more committed to growing ING than “our current shareholder.”

By: Cliff Ritter on September 24, 2012

In today’s social climate the standard spiel is the more you have the better you are, and the bigger it is the better it looks. Now in some situations this belief can be proven accurate; in others such as the size of homes to own, it doesn’t always stack up.