Auto insurance in Canada for newcomers: A guide

Are you new to Canada and looking to get car insurance? If so, we don't blame you if you find the process intimidating and overwhelming.

Why there's no stigma in not going with the big banks for your mortgage

This article has been updated from a previous version.*

When it comes to shopping for mortgages, most homebuyers in Canada tend to take a conservative approach. 

This is how traffic tickets affect your insurance rate in Ontario

Not all tickets are created equal. We break down all the ways traffic violations will impact your annual premium.

Is your septic tank covered by home insurance?

What is a vehicle exchange program, and is it a good idea?

Trading in your car can get you an upgrade, but it could impact your car insurance rate.

What is a conventional mortgage?

What is a conventional mortgage?

The big benefit of a conventional mortgage loan is that you have immediate equity in your new home. Let's explore the ins and outs of uninsured residential mortgages.

This article has been updated from a previous version.

Not every mortgage is the same. There are fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages, of course, which refer to the interest you’ll have to pay throughout your loan term.

But then there are also conventional and high-ratio mortgages — these terms decide whether a buyer needs to pay insurance on their mortgage.

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What is umbrella insurance, and should you get it?

Cost of Living in Toronto

Cost of Living in Toronto

The cost of living in Toronto in 2023

About the author Staff

The writing team focuses on telling original stories and bringing you the latest news in the world of personal finance.

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What is usage-based insurance, and should you opt for it?

4 Tips for getting a mortgage pre-approval in Canada

Mortgage pre-approvals are a great way to prepare for purchasing a home. Essentially, what a lender is trying to do with the pre-approval process is get a lot of their paperwork out of the way before you find the house of your dreams and want to immediately put in an offer.

Checking your score won’t hurt your credit — promise.

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