5 things travel insurance covers

By: Martin Dasko on August 2, 2016

“What exactly does travel insurance cover?”

When I went on my first trip I was baffled by the idea that I had to spend even more money. I saved up enough cash for the trip. I didn’t see a travel insurance cost getting in the way until I found myself paying for it even though I didn’t understand what I was getting in return. I decided to do some research and figure out what travel insurance is all about.

What does travel insurance cover?

What you get with travel insurance varies depending on which policy you select. We all choose travel insurance policies based on different standards. I normally book the time off well in advance so I don’t stress about the idea of canceling the trip or dying due to an illness while on the trip.

I pay for the basic medical coverage in case I need to visit a medical facility while traveling. I confess that I’ve never looked into the limits and what the policy exactly covers. I’m just happy to know I can visit a doctor if I happen to get sick while traveling.

What isn’t covered by travel insurance?

This might be more important than what is covered. Look over your policy before you pay for it so you know where you stand. You don’t want to get stuck with expensive medical bills because you didn’t read the fine print. The last thing you want to worry about while sick on a trip is paying extra fees.

Here are five things travel insurance covers:

  1. Trip cancellation: Is there any chance of you cancelling the trip? You never know what’s going to happen. If your life is in turmoil, you might want to spend the few extra bucks here.

  2. Travel medical: This is standard and covers visits to the medical facility. Always track your receipts so that you can make a prompt claim when you return home.

  3. Major medical: This is where things get serious. Hopefully you never have to deal with this.

  4. Emergency medical evacuation: You want to know how much you’re covered for. This is the expense that you deal with if you need to be transferred to the hospital in a different country or province. These bills could get very expensive.

  5. Accidental death/flight accident: This is more for your family since they’ll have to deal with the death if anything were to happen to you on the trip. A good life insurance policy, though, can cover this need.

That’s what gets covered when you spend money on travel insurance. I would highly suggest getting insurance so you have peace of mind when you travel.