Enter The #MyKindaGames Contest To Win Your Own Gold

By: Justin Leung on February 6, 2014
Are you ready for the Winter Games? We are! is celebrating this year’s Games with our #MyKindaGames Contest!
Entering the #MyKindaGames Contest is easy – each day throughout the Winter Games, simply log on to the contest webpage, and make your best guesses on which medals Team Canada will win during the next day’s events. Whoever ends the Winter Games with the highest number of correct medal guesses wins!
For every medal Team Canada takes home, we will add $20 to the prize pool. The winner of the contest will receive their prize in cash at the end of the Winter Games.  Based on the fantastic potential of our 2014 Canadian team, we would not be surprised if the prize pool goes well over $600!
In order to see where you stack up versus the competition, you will be able to view a leaderboard that is updated each day at 10:00am EST throughout the Games on the contest webpage.  To enter, you should head to the contest webpage.
Keep reading below for the specifics on the contest and how to play.  Good luck and Go Canada!
How to Enter
  1. Visit
  2. Register with a valid email address and create a password for future access.
  3. Guess which medal(s) Canada will win in each of the events at the Winter Games.
  4. Guesses are eligible to be submitted beginning 24 hours before the start of an event, and are closed once the event begins (preliminaries, qualifiers or finals).  For events on February 6th and 7th, submissions will be open until midnight of February 7th.
  1. For each event, contestants will be awarded points for each correct guess:
    • If you guess 0 medals and Canada does not win a medal, you get 1 point
    • If you guess 1 medal and Canada wins that medal, you get 1 point
    • If you guess 2 medals and Canada wins those two medals, you get 2 points
    • If you guess 3 medals and Canada wins all three medals, you get 3 points
    • For clarity, if you do not match the exact winning combination, you get 0 points.
      •  Example: If you guess Gold, Silver and Bronze for an event in which Canada wins only Gold and Silver, you get zero points.
Prize and Winner Announcement
  1. A prize of $20 per medal won by the Canadian team will be awarded to the person who guesses the most correct medals.
The name of the winner will be announced at 8PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the final day of the Winter Games via Facebook and Twitter.