How to Save Money on Everyday Driving Costs

By: Martin Dasko on April 15, 2015

Nobody wants to walk everywhere. Most of us all will need to buy a car at some point to get around. Very few of us will be fortunate enough to walk to work and not everyone’s a fan of extreme lifestyles. The only problem is that a car can drain your wallet.

For example, my buddy Greg went so broke with his first car that he would have to steal gas from his parents. Luckily, his parents never caught him because that would’ve been awkward. I don’t want you to go that low. I want to help you save money on driving so that you don’t go poor.

A couple of quick tips for saving money on driving:

  • Coast while driving.
  • Always do right turns.
  • Stay at a consistent speed.
  • Don’t accelerate too fast.
  • Wash your own car.
  • Don’t use the brakes too often.
  • Inflate your tires.
  • Get regular oil changes.
  • Buy all season tires.

Those are all quick tips that you can apply on a daily basis.

What are the main ways to save money on driving?

Aggregate your trips.

Do you have a bunch of errands to run? Do you want to hit the gym and then the movies? Try your best to aggregate your trips so that you don’t waste gas on many small trips throughout the day. These small trips add up.

Carpool whenever you can.

Can you find some friends to travel to work with? Can you find a gym buddy? The best way to save money on gas and wear-and-tear is to carpool with friends. This may sound like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised by how many people these days are too timid to setup a carpool with co-workers. There’s no need to be nervous. Send out a few emails and find out if anyone at work lives close to you.

Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle.

One of my friends bought an SUV because he loved the look, but then he changed his mind at the pump when he filled up for the first time. He realized that the fuel was going to hurt his wallet, but it was already too late.

The easiest way to save money on driving in the long run is to buy a car that’s fuel-efficient. You already know this, but I just need to remind you. I know that my Corolla isn’t a chick magnet, but I enjoy saving money on fuel.

That’s how you can save money on driving. I’m not one of those extreme frugality folks that believe you shouldn’t own a car. I like to get places fast. I’m not a fan of walking miles just to get some quick groceries.

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Good Luck!

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