4 Fun and Frugal Easter Activities for Kids

By: Lindsey Boycott on April 1, 2015

So the Easter weekend is approaching and you’re wondering what to do with yourself and your family beyond the turkey festivities. Well, never fear because I'm here with some ideas for the holiday:

This book is usually out in September so if you wait a few months, you can buy it at a discount and still get all the great deals. If you don’t have a book, you can research what attractions or events you’d like to save money on and put the message out on Facebook. Friends and family will often be willing to donate their coupons to your cause – especially if they’re not going to use them.

  1. Entertainment Book for Easter Events: The Entertainment Book is a great way to get deals on family-friendly events that would usually cost you your arm and leg to attend with your horde. A local example would be $10 off Calgary Zoo admission for you and your family. Use this coupon to attend the Easter events they have over the weekend and save money!
  2. Easter Potluck Dinner: If you live far away from your family and don’t have the cash to fly home, put together a potluck for you and your friends. Sharing the cost by having people bring dishes of their own is a great way to get turkey with all the trimmings without the price tag. You’ll want to be organized so make sure you send the invites in advance so people can sign up with what they’re bringing. A little forethought and some planning should make your holiday cheerful and very affordable.
  3. Easter Craft Eggstravaganza: Yes, yes, I know. That was a terrible and wholly unnecessary pun but it was just too good to resist. The way to go with these things is to hit up the Dollar Store, spend $15 and buy them out of glitter, glue, and coloured everything. The internet is a wise and all-knowing wizard when it comes to crafts, so check out Pinterest or your favourite parenting blog to get great craft ideas for amusing your little angels over the Easter break.
  4. Easter Egg Baskets on the Cheap: If you want to go with the traditional Easter basket approach, hit a thrift store before buying your basket à la big box store. They can have some pretty cool little knick-knack collectibles and baskets that you can pick up for next to nothing. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can use other household items as an Easter basket. Egg cartons, Mason jars, or even wooden boxes can be decorated and transformed into wonderful little Easter arrangements.

Don’t forget to buy your candy somewhere that sells in bulk like Superstore and Costco. If you’ve got a few baskets to put together for your kids, buying in larger quantities will save you bucks.

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