Culture excited to volunteer at Red Door Family Shelter for Food Bank Days

By: Miranda Marquit on October 16, 2015

At Lowest Rates, we believe that we are a part of the offline community – not just a member of the online world. Even though we are a website that provides helpful information and money-saving products to people all over Canada, we do have an office in Toronto, and our core staff resides in the community.

We love working in the community, and one of our favorite charities is the Red Door Family Shelter. Today, our office staff are looking forward to volunteering at Red Door Family Shelter. For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been running a campaign on Facebook. For each new like, we’ve agreed to buy $1 worth of food for the Red Door Family Shelter.

We’re donating more than $500 worth of food today – food we’ve purchased for Red Door with your help! Our office staff is going to head to Red Door Family Shelter later today with the food. Then, we’ll stick around to help Red Door organize what they’ve taken in and then distribute the food to ex-residents. According to Red Door, “One of our biggest needs throughout the year is non-perishable items for our Food Bank.”

Red Door has an initiative called “Food Bank Days” that encourages local community members to donate, organize and distribute food. Today is one of these Food Bank days, and we’re excited to volunteer. Not only will it be a good team-building exercise for the staff, but it will also help our community here in Toronto.

Giving back is one of the best things you can do in your own community. No matter where you live, look around for opportunities to volunteer. Often, giving your time and talent can be just as important as giving money – and we all have something we can give of ourselves.