#LRSuperMoms Mother's Day Contest

By: Justin Leung on April 22, 2013

Know a mother that does it all?  Does your family call you SuperMom?  This Mother’s Day, you can help LowestRates.ca show appreciation for these mothers by telling us why you’re a SuperMom or sharing a story of a SuperMom you know.  If your story gets picked in our top 10, you’ll win a $50 gas card and the most popular SuperMom will win a $500 getaway in Canada! We’ll match the grand prize for the blogger who refers us the #1 SuperMom.  Below you will find the contest rules.  Click here for the terms and conditions.



First Round

Our 10 favourite SuperMoms will each receive a gas card valued at $50.

Grand Prize

Of the top 10 and decided by a vote, the most popular SuperMom will win a $500 getaway vacation package in Canada.

How to Enter

Create a Blog Post, Video, or Take a Photo

Tweet a message or link to your picture, video, or blog post and mention @LowestRates_CA with the hashtag #LRSuperMoms.  Your blog post must include a link back to this post: https://www.lowestrates.ca/blog/lrsupermoms-mothers-day-contest
Email Us
Alternatively, send us an email at info@lowestrates.com.

When to Enter

Submissions will be accepted from April 23rd until May 5th, 11:59PM EST.
On May 6th, we will post our 10 favourite SuperMoms on Facebook and then you will determine who the #1 SuperMom is by submitting your votes on our Facebook App.