Vanessa’s Wedding Diaries #6: Planning three different wedding receptions

By: Tahnya Kristina on October 22, 2015


In the last wedding diaries post, I mentioned that we’re having three wedding receptions. The reason for this is that, well, the whole reception planning ran away from me a bit.​

Reception #1

For our guests coming down to Las Vegas we’ve planned a nice buffet dinner to celebrate after the ceremony. Seeing as we’ve got limos, limos and more limos, everyone will be driven to the restaurant in style where we will all spill out and the bride (that’s me!) will present her coupons to the hostess before seating. Yup, we bought discounted Groupon vouchers for our reception.

A part of me feels like this is the tackiest thing I’ve ever done (aside from the Las Vegas wedding!). The frugal part of me is like, “Go Vanessa! You just saved 50 bucks!” I shall use that $50 to buy new shoes because, honestly, I’m torn between $1 shoes from Old Navy and a pair I bought in 2008.

Reception #2

When we get back to Canada, my fiancé’s friend has booked us a reception hall and another friend has volunteered to decorate it for us. This whole event is being taken care of by my fiancé, as I bowed out of the planning once I heard that our colours were going to be Blue Jays blue and our food would be vegetable platters from the grocery store.

In all seriousness, I’ve heard that it will be quite nice. We’re having a late cocktail reception so that people don’t arrive expecting a meal, and we’ll be serving lots and lots of celebratory alcohol, which is a must at wedding receptions no matter where they’re held. There may be speeches, but I don’t think anyone’s considered what the guests will do once they arrive.

Reception #3

In true English Quebec-style, we will likely have our final reception in the back of a Greek or Italian restaurant, or at a curling rink, depending on the number of guests. For me, my third reception will serve as a third excuse to wear my awesome dress. For my family, it will be the first chance to celebrate our wedding as health problems stop them from coming to Las Vegas. Not wanting to be the reason that the wedding was postponed and our inability to get married in Quebec means that my parents will unfortunately not be at my wedding. But I’m glad they’ll be at one of the 3 wedding receptions.

Reception #3 will be the best one. If we end up having it at the restaurant that I want, we will all be eating four-course meals with escargot and rice pudding for a much cheaper price than we would pay for a reception like that here.

While having 3 receptions might seem absurd or gluttonous, it really is the least selfish and most multi-purposed way to celebrate our wedding. Some family members can’t come to Alberta, others refuse to fly to Quebec, and not everyone can afford to go to Las Vegas. This way we’ve compromised and made everyone happy – plus I get a few vacations out of it too!