What a Deal! Offers 5-Year Variable Mortgages in Ontario at 2.35% – With Up to $500 Cash-Back!

By: Justin Leung on February 19, 2014

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It’s no surprise then that one of our broker partners is currently offering the lowest 5-year mortgage rate in Ontario, at just 2.35%! If you’ve spent any time shopping for mortgages lately, you know that a 2.35% 5-year variable rate is phenomenally competitive – so competitive, in fact, that we challenge borrowers to find a lower 5-year mortgage rate anywhere in Ontario. Hint: they’re going to be searching for while!

Plus, we’re even offering cash-back with the mortgage. That’s right – we’re kicking in up to $500! In other words, you won’t just be getting the lowest 5-year mortgage rate in Ontario, you’ll be getting paid to take it!

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