Women's Money Week Recap

By: Miranda Marquit on March 11, 2016

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s Money Week, we focused on women and money. Here is a recap of some of our events and articles:

We started the week with an article on the financial freedom gap experienced by women. This gap appears for many reasons, including the fact that women often see their working years interrupted so they don’t have as much money for retirement. This article also suggests ideas for women to close the retirement gap.

As part of this week, we hosted a chat about women’s money issues on Twitter. We were joined buy Ellen Roseman and Jessica Moorhouse who talked about Financial issues facing women today. Some of the topics covered in the chat included retirement savings, negotiating salary, when to buy a house, how to talk to your partner about money, and investing.

Women’s Money Week features information about financial equality in Canada. The infographic illustrates how far we have come, but points out that there is still work to be done when it comes to women’s money. While Canada is a great place to be a woman, we can always be better.

4 realities need to know when it comes to car hunting shares information on the difference between the experiences had by men and women when shopping for cars. Women often pay as much as $200 more then men when shopping for cars. This article includes negotiating tips and ideas for women who are shopping for the best car deal.

Finally, our last article of the week looks at what do you need to know about car insurance when you get married. No matter your driving record, it is important to pay attention to what can happen to your premium depending on your partner’s record. Sometimes it makes sense to keep your insurance separate.

It’s a good time to be reminded that many women face unique financial challenges. Women’s money is about empowerment, and we hope we are part of that effort.