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Most people don’t love going to the dentist, but dental care is an essential part of a healthy life. Unfortunately, maintaining your smile and your oral health can be costly. Between cleanings, checkups, fillings, surgeries, and whitenings, dental bills pile up quickly. That’s why it’s important to purchase a dental insurance plan.

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Your dental insurance questions, answered.

Why do I need dental insurance?

Because it covers expensive dental treatments, helping you save hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of dollars. In fact, according to the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS), 62% of Canadians have private dental insurance.

Full dental coverage isn't currently included in the Canada Health Act, and while some employers offer dental insurance benefits, these plans often just cover standard visits to the dentist. They also rarely cover the full spectrum of dental care procedures you may need.

What does dental insurance cover?

Basic dental insurance plans will cover many common dental health procedures including the following:

  • Cleanings.
  • Fillings.
  • Scalings.
  • Examinations.
  • Certain extractions, like wisdom teeth removals.

These plans usually won’t cover major care such as orthodontics (braces), dentures, surgery, or implants. But there are always other options. We can help you find a plan that does offer full dental coverage.

One thing full dental plans don’t cover is cosmetic work. You’ll need to pay for things like teeth whitening procedures and veneers out of pocket.

How do I get a quote?

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What are the different types of dental insurance?

While dental insurance is a pretty straightforward product, different providers will offer different packages in order to anticipate and meet a variety of consumers’ coverage needs. Some packages are simply add-ons that can be incorporated into an extended health insurance policy. Other packages can replace workplace benefits, so you’re covered even if you’re switching jobs. There are also dental packages for recent grads who had coverage under their parents' insurance but are now too old to qualify for it.

How does dental insurance work?

Dental insurance covers a percentage of your dental costs, up to a maximum amount per year. Some plans may cover smaller diagnostic and preventative procedures completely, or only require small payments from the policyholder. Basic procedures, like cavity fillings and extractions, will typically require a payment from the policyholder and from the insurance company.

Dental plans can make major dental care a lot more manageable financially, but these procedures aren’t covered on basic plans. However, they can be found on more comprehensive plans, especially when someone has had a policy for years.

How’s my dental insurance premium calculated?

Aside from the coverage level you select, your age, dental records, and illness history are all factors that will be used to calculate your rate. Insurance providers will also consider your smoking habits, drinking habits, and any other issues that may affect your dental health.

Why should I shop for dental insurance online?

When you shop online, you have more freedom to find a plan that fits your coverage needs. Plus, shopping online lets you compare dental insurance plans quickly and easily, making sure you secure the best price available.