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Why do I need pet insurance?


Your pet is a part of the family. We understand that. And if little Buster gets sick or injured, you need to get a vet. But medical care isn't cheap, and many pet owners can get stuck with hefty bills they didn't budget for. That's where a good pet insurance policy comes in.

After all, statistics reveal that almost 90% of pets will require some form of medical care over the course of their lives. Thankfully, with a good pet insurance plan, your insurer, not you, will pick up the tab. So make sure you get pet insurance for your furry friend. Both you and your pet deserve it.

How does pet insurance work?


Pet insurance is similar to travel insurance or automobile insurance: you pay an annual premium in exchange for coverage in case something goes wrong. With a good pet insurance policy, your insurer covers the associated expenses if your pet becomes sick or gets injured, and you won't have to worry about vet bills again.

And like most other insurance plans, pet insurance policies come with deductibles. You pay an initial portion of the cost (deductibles typically range from $0 to $500), and your provider pays the rest — up to a pre-determined limit. Some pet insurance policies don't have payout limits, so no matter what costs are incurred, you're covered.

What kind of pets are eligible for insurance?


While dog insurance and cat insurance are the most common types of pet insurance policies, some insurers cover rarer animals too. If you want to insure a ferret, bird, iguana or some other creature, please email us to talk to a pet insurance expert.

How do I get a quote?


At, getting a pet insurance quote is easy. Just email us at and we’ll help you get set up with the perfect pet insurance policy.

Why should I shop for pet insurance online?


Pet insurance rates can vary significantly from insurer to insurer. That's why it’s important to compare prices and make sure you’re getting the cheapest pet insurance plan possible.

What does pet insurance cover?


A good pet insurance plan will cover the costs related to maintaining or restoring the health of your pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or something more exotic.

These plans cover a variety of veterinary services, including surgeries, diagnostic exams, testing, hospitalizations, prescriptions, and ongoing or one-time treatments.

Your policy may also cover orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, carts, carriers, and prescription pet food — other items your pet may need.

And when your pet nears the end of its life, many pet insurance policies will also cover euthanasia if a veterinarian recommends the procedure as a result of a covered condition.

What does pet insurance not cover?


Standard pet insurance policies typically don’t cover preventive care. Examples include vaccinations, parasite control, check-ups, or non-prescription supplements. You can anticipate and budget for those costs, so they're generally excluded from pet insurance policies.

Your policy also won’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. A pre-existing condition is an illness, injury, or condition that your pet was diagnosed with before you took out a policy. Ask one of our insurance experts for more information about what your pet insurance plan does and does not cover.

What's a pet insurance waiting period?


A period of time between when you enroll in a policy and when the coverage becomes active. For most pet insurance policies, the waiting period is 5 to 30 days. Note that only injuries and illnesses that manifest themselves after the waiting period will be covered under most standard pet insurance policies. Injuries and illnesses that occur or develop during the waiting period are considered pre-existing conditions by most insurers.

How is my pet insurance premium calculated?


Insurers review a variety of risk factors including the age, health, and breed of your pet. They also consider your deductible and the maximum amount your policy will pay towards covered claims.

How do I save money on pet insurance?


Getting cheap pet insurance is easy. For starters, take out a policy when your pet is young and healthy — this can help reduce your premiums. Also, remember to take advantage of multiple pet discounts if you have more than one pet.

You can also save money on pet insurance if you choose a policy with certain exclusions. These exclusions may include up-front expenses, like an initial veterinary exam, specialist fees, and more.

How do I make a pet insurance claim?


Easy. Ask your vet to fill out a claims form either in person or online. Submit your claim before the claim expiry date (you usually have 60-120 days) and then, upon approval, you’ll receive a payment for the appropriate amount.

How can I have a hassle-free claims experience?


Your insurer will ask to see your pet’s medical history before you submit your first claim. You usually need to include complete records from all the veterinarians that have treated your pet in the last 12-18 months. Once your pet’s records have been added to the insurer’s file, your claims will be processed promptly — usually within 1 week.

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