Alison Redford Calls For More Transparency On Home Insurance

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on July 27, 2013

Alison Redford says the water that devastated Calgary and surrounding regions has receded, but life for affected residents is “anything but back to normal.” The Alberta Premier went to Toronto on July 24 to meet with members of the IBC and CEOs of insurance firms to discuss strategies for recovery.

Heavy rain raised water levels in Southern Albertan rivers last month in what was described as the province’s worst ever natural disaster.  Floodwater devastated the communities surrounding Calgary, and especially the town of High River located south of the city. 

Residents returned to their homes only to learn that overland flood and sewer backup damages are not covered under standard home insurance plans.  Many insurance firms initially denied reimbursements for the damages, and a public relations battle began between Albertans and their insurers.  The insurers eventually relented, recognizing they needed to show solidarity with the Canadian public, who donated their own time and money to aid beleaguered Albertans.

Premier Redford expressed gratitude on behalf of all Albertans while in Toronto, but also highlighted the need for more clarity regarding standardized home insurance plans.

Today, I urged insurers to continue working directly with their clients and provide clear information to homeowners and business owners. They need to assist Albertans in the most sensitive and helpful way possible.”

The IBC also supports more transparency for Canadians, and is planning public consultation forums for the purpose of educating citizens about home insurance.  Many Albertans, including a number of MLAs in Edmonton, are also calling on the IBC and federal leaders to establish a national flooding disaster recovery program similar to the US.