Credit Cards

Everyone is making fun of Apple's credit card because it can’t touch anything

By: Jessica Mach on August 23, 2019

The physical version of the Apple credit card recalls the pristine minimalism of a MacBook: its titanium base is coated in multiple layers of another material to achieve a “white finish”, and the card holder’s name, along with the Apple logo, are “laser etched” onto the surface. The only problem? You can’t really put the card in your pocket. Or purse. Or let it touch other credit cards.

On Tuesday, Apple issued a statement warning customers that the non-digital version of its Apple Card needs to be stored in a “wallet, pocket or bag made of soft materials.” The company also said the card’s coating could be scratched “if two credit cards are placed in the same slot,” or if it comes into contact with loose change, keys or “other potentially abrasive objects.”

If the card is stored near a magnet, its magnetic strip could stop working.

Naturally, the card’s fragility has already sparked ridicule.

“Do not look directly at Apple Card. Do not speak to Apple Card. Do not denigrate Apple Card in Its Holy Presence. When not in use, Apple Card should be returned to a uniformly lit white cube containing only a British man softly repeating al-lu-min-ee-um,” one user tweeted on Wednesday.

“Don’t put the Apple Card in your wallet. Hang in a floating glass frame in a dimly lit, year round 70 degree, humidity controlled location. No flash photography please,” another user tweeted the same day.

The Apple Card was launched in the U.S. earlier this summer, and comes in a digital form that can be used via the Apple Wallet app on iPhone. The physical card was provided to customers for use at merchants that don’t accept Apple Pay.

This is not the first time that the tech company has made a design flaw. Earlier version of the iPhone could be physically bent if stored in a customer’s pants pocket, while other versions saw their antennas stop working if customers were not careful with their hand placement, the CBC noted.

There are no concrete plans to bring the card to Canada.

Apple advises that customers clean their Apple Cards with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.