Capital One Canada Offers Credit Card Using Twitter Campaign

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on September 5, 2013

Capital One Canada is starting a Twitter movement with a goal of eliminating the confusion and frustration of accumulating credit card rewards points.  The company requests that Canadians use the hashtag #PointsPain to express their frustrations on Twitter, and encourages people to follow @EndPointsPain to learn about other options available.

Rob Livingston, President of Capital One Canada, says Canadians are forced to pay high fees in exchange for travel rewards points, but are often restricted to redeeming those points during limited times of the year.

Canadians love travel rewards, but not the restrictions and additional fees and taxes that come with many travel rewards programs.”

In addition to the #PointsPain campaign, Capital One Canada is also promoting the Aspire Travel World MasterCard as a non-restrictive rewards credit card.  The company believes the Aspire Travel card provides Canadians with flexible options to earn credit card rewards points, and also makes it easier to redeem those points.

Livingston notes that many rewards programs require travellers to book their plans well in advance, and also restrict the seats on a plane that can be booked by using rewards points.  He says the Aspire Travel card eliminates the restrictions of many other rewards programs.

Aspire is for consumers who are tired of playing games with their travel rewards cards.  It's for Canadians who want a simple plan that will earn them points on whatever they purchase, wherever they purchase it.”

According to Capital One Canada, travellers earn double the travel miles on by making purchases with the Aspire credit card as opposed to a different card.  Canadians earn 35,000 bonus reward miles when they make their first Aspire credit card purchase, and receive up to 10,000 points every year they stick with the card.

Livingston encourages all Canadians interested to follow the #PointsPain discussion on Twitter, where they can also learn more about the Aspire Travel World MasterCard.