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Car accident while delivering food leaves woman with $8,400 repair bill

By: Jessica Mach on April 10, 2019

A woman working for Skip the Dishes is out thousands of dollars after she discovered that her regular insurance policy doesn’t cover collisions that take place on the job.

Tanya Maiato, who is from Burlington, Ont., started working for the food delivery service in December to earn a little extra money. Like other Skip the Dishes workers, she used her own car to make the deliveries, and was doing several delivery runs a week.

In February, however, someone crashed into her car. The damages totalled about $8,400.

Maiato filed an insurance claim, and was given a rental car to use while her own vehicle was being repaired. But when her insurance company found out she had been delivering food during the collision, they cancelled her claim — and her policy.

The company said that her standard auto insurance policy did not cover for-profit or commercial uses of her car. In order to cover her Skip the Dishes activity, Maiato would have had to buy additional coverage.

“I was honest and let them know that I was driving for Skip the Dishes at the time and they had asked me, did I inform my insurance company about this and I said no, I had no idea I had to,” she told CTV News.

But Maiato’s contract states that workers are responsible for buying their own additional coverage, said a spokesperson for Skip the Dishes, since workers for the company are technically independent contractors and considered to be operating their own business.

Pete Karagergos, a spokesperson from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, recommended that policy owners always check with their insurance company that they can use their car to earn money.

“The last thing anyone wants is to be involved in a crash and find out that they are not covered because they did not tell their insurer how they are using their vehicle or if that use has changed,” said Karageorgos.

Maiato now has to pay for her car repairs out of pocket.

“I’m incredibly upset,” she said. “It’s been a very stressful time.”

“Had I known about this, I would never have signed up in the first place.”