Eat The Meat On The Street Through A Cashless Treat

By: Daniel Rattanamahattana on September 10, 2012

It’s no secret that Canadians are moving towards a cashless society. Interac and credit card payments together account for over 4 billion transactions a year in Canada; cash is becoming less common while mobile payments are rising in popularity. It is a trend that is being embraced at all levels of industry and now is moving to the streets. The growing street meat business is embracing mobile payments to expand their customer base with more options for payment.

Yesterday’s AwesTRUCK event at the Evergreen Brick Works in downtown Toronto, was the first ever Food Truck event to accept mobile payments in Canada. Partnering with Moneris Solutions PAYD mobile system and sponsored by MasterCard Canada, small business food trucks are hoping that offering payments other than cash will build new loyal customers as many Torontonians choose to wonder the city cashless.

Moneris was proud of the program’s initiative with hopes that an event like AwesTRUCK will spread the word of the PAYD solution and increase its popularity in the rest of the city, and eventually all of Canada. MasterCard was also more than happy to throw its support in after a study earlier this year called the MasterCard Mobile Readiness Index, ranked Canada second-best of 34 global markets surveyed as being ready to embrace mobile payments.

Richard McLaughlin Senior Vice President of Global Products & Solutions for MasterCard Canada says the PAYD system and other mobile payment plans are about offering safe alternatives to carrying cash around; and the AwesTRUCK event was a great chance to highlight the benefits for not just consumers, but small business too.

“This event is the perfect example of the types of mobile payment options Canadians desire and how small business can reap the benefits.”

The PAYD mobile solution works by accessing the audio port of iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems to process credit card payments. Moneris backs PAYD with its web based security protocol to ensure merchants and consumers are able to access their accounts to make transactions without fear of private account information being spread to others.

Food Truck owners are more than happy to work with Moneris and MasterCard to promote mobile payments as they believe that with citizens choosing to walk around without cash, the traditional business model of the street meat industry is out of date for today’s lifestyle. Tamara Jensen along with partner Adam Hynam-Smith, who was setup at AwesTRUCK, says that as a small business convenience for the consumer is the priority no matter where the truck is parked.

"Technology is changing the way we do business and it's great to be able to offer innovations that help me to reach more customers and grow my business."