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Esso gas stations drop Aeroplan points for PC Optimum

By: Jessica Mach on March 14, 2018

Are you a PC Optimum cardholder who also drives? If the answer’s yes, then you’ve got occasion to rejoice: starting this summer, you’ll be able to earn PC Optimum points each time you fill up your tank at an Esso gas station.

The bad news? If you have an Aeroplan points card instead, you’ll no longer be able to use it to collect Aeroplan Miles at Esso.

The gas station chain is swapping out Aeroplan miles for PC Optimum points, Aeroplan announced in an email to customers this week. Starting May 31st, Aeroplan points cards will no longer be accepted at Esso stations.

But, if you have an Aeroplan financial card — e.g., a credit card affiliated with the points program — you’ll still be able to earn miles at Esso. Well, you’ll be able to earn them at any gas station, since Aeroplan credit cards offer 1.5 points for eligible gas station purchases.

Meanwhile, PC Optimum cardholders will be able to earn 10 points per litre of fuel at 1,800 participating Esso stations in Canada, starting this summer. Additional points can be earned via convenience store purchases and car wash services.

Aeroplan’s separation from Esso was announced less than a year after the points company lost another partnership with Air Canada. Last spring, Air Canada declined to renew its partnership with Aeroplan after 2020, when the airline plans to launch its own, in-house loyalty program.

Aeroplan says it is currently developing promotions with its existing partners, so that customers will be able to earn more points and compensate for the severed partnership with Air Canada.