Fort McMurray residents still waiting to rebuild

By: Justin Leung on August 5, 2016

In May, Alberta faced one of the worst natural disasters it ever has when a huge wildfire rampaged over the Fort McMurray region and consumed over 2,000 homes and other buildings. More than two months later, the fire’s out, and most of Canada probably thinks things are returning to normal in Fort Mac, but the truth is things have barely changed for many residents. reports that a lot of residents are still waiting on permission to reenter their homes or start rebuilding. In some neighbourhoods, debris still lays untouched on streets. The city has no updates on when people will be allowed to start cleaning up and rebuilding. This is making some homeowners worry that their insurance policies won’t be able to cover the rebuild due to the requirement some policies have that a house be rebuilt within one year of its destruction.

The delay so far has been due to environmental and safety concerns. Even for houses that are still standing, the area has been restricted and will remain so until a the chief medical officer of health lifts it.

The most frustrating thing for residents is the lack of information. “We're adults, we can take the direct answers,” said resident Jennifer Skinner. “We're not children, and that's all we are asking for.”

The residents in the area have had a frustrating time dealing with the aftermath of the event, trying to secure payouts from insurance companies and waiting for answers that seem as if they’ll never come.