Halifax Man Loses Car Insurance For Skateboarding Without Helmet

By: Cliff Ritter on February 5, 2013

Car insurance rates can increase for a variety of different reasons, but for skateboarding?  A Halifax man learned that tickets for skateboarding without a helmet can increase the cost of car insurance, or discontinue the coverage altogether.

Pat Harland likes to skateboard at the Halifax Common, Canada’s oldest urban park which is located near the downtown core of the city.  Over the last few years, Harland says police have issued him two tickets for skateboarding without a helmet, each with a $141.16 fine.  However, he says he hasn’t submitted a car insurance claim in five years with his provider, and the only charge on his record is a seatbelt fine.

Last week Harland received a call from his car insurance carrier TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, and was told he would no longer receive coverage from their company.  The representative said the skateboarding charges violate the Canadian Motor Vehicle Act, and consequently increase the cost of car insurance.  Harland says he was told it was too expensive for the company to insure him, or even to qualify him for facility insurance which is usually reserved for underprivileged clients.

“He said facility insurance, the only insurance I'm applicable for now, is so expensive that he recommended I go get another policy from another carrier.  I've been ranting about it all day because it's so crazy.

Harland says his insurance debacle won’t stop him from doing something he loves, and plans to continue skateboarding at the Commons once spring has arrived.  He also plans to look for car insurance quotes from other companies once he fully understands what happened with his former provider.