HIV life insurance comes to Canada

By: Vin Heney on April 25, 2016

For many decades there has been a stigma around HIV. Not only was it an misunderstood, near-untreatable, and deadly disease, but it was looked upon with fear and hatred. Now that it’s 2016 things are very different.

HIV-positive people are able to lead happy, full lives with treatment and the public perception of the condition is no longer as negative as it once was. In the past, HIV would prevent you from being approved for a life insurance policy and at many companies that is still the case. But according to the Globe and Mail, many HIV-positive Canadians will be able to purchase life insurance coverage up to $2 million from Manulife.

There are conditions for the coverage including that the buyer must be between 30 and 65 years old and on antiretroviral medication among others.

The extension of coverage shows how insurance companies can make better use of analytics and emerging data to better set requirements for their policies. Manulife has stated that the company is committed to making it easier to buy life insurance as well as improve the application process for any insurance product.