How to Save Money on Holiday Decorations

By: Justin Leung on November 23, 2012

Every year Canadian families spend millions during the holiday season, much of which is made up of the decorations on display outside and inside homes across the country.  While some families may favour the decorating style of Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, most Canadians choose to be more modest in their decorating style.  Regardless of style preference, there are several ways to save money while decorating for a joyous holiday.

One suggestion is to use LED lights, which instead of glass are made out of less expensive plastic.  The main benefit of LED lights is how little energy they require to light up the home, using approximately 4.8 watts per strand of lights in comparison to glass bulbs which require over 20 watts per strand.  As a result, LED lights can save almost 25 percent on electricity bills throughout the holidays.

Saving on holiday décor can also include reducing store-bought decorations, and designing home-made ones.  For example, pine cones are sewn into manufactured decorations such as wreaths and cost extra in the store.  However, pine cones are littered all over Canada and can be taken home to decorate for free, which eliminates having to put one more decoration on the credit card.

On the other hand, if home-made decorations are not your style, thrift stores often sell discounted holiday wares that can look just as good as more expensive ones.  Although these stores often only carry last year’s stock, holiday colours and designs tend to be the same every year, which negates the need to buy new each season.  In fact, the best way to eliminate spending altogether is to save each year’s decorations in the basement so there is no need to buy new.

Speaking of boxing things up, buying an artificial tree that you can store after each holiday eliminates having to pay for a new tree every year.  Artificial trees typically cost between $100 and $200, but paying that amount once can save money versus buying a new tree every year, and with a pine-scented candle, the fake tree smells just as real.

In short, there are several creative ways to save money each year on holiday decorations.