How To Save On Winter Getaways

By: Gary Parkinson on November 8, 2012

The cold weather has arrived, and Canadians are planning their getaways to warmer destinations.  Tens of thousands of Canadians make these trips every year, but not all will stay within their budget.  A vacation that costs you less is still as enjoyable as an extravagant trip, provided you know how to cut common costly travel habits.

Vacations are prime opportunities to relax and do nothing, but paying tips for being waited on hand and foot drains extra money from your vacation budget.  Avoid pricey meals, and handle your own parking to cut down those extra costs.  It is also best to avoid the hotel mini-bar because drinks in those fridges are immensely overpriced.  And while it may not be a popular choice, leave the cell phone at home or only turn it on for emergencies.  The cost to use your phone outside your local area will result in a massive phone bill.

It also helps to be flexible on where you choose to vacation.  The goal of most winter vacations is to escape cold weather, so any warmer lodging is sufficient.  Keeping your options open with respect to a travel destination will likely result in you finding a great deal.  It is best to gather some brochures, and perform preliminary research before committing to your vacation plans.  This also helps you determine how much you will need to pack, and avoid extra airline baggage fees.

While you research travel packages, keep in mind any rewards or loyalty programs that are on promotion.  Signing up for these benefits may seem like a pain, but if these points offer even one good discount on your vacation, then they are definitely worth the hassle.  This is especially important for Canadians who use a travel agent to book their vacations.  A quick search of your own can uncover extra ways to save, or cash in on rewards.  If you choose to forego renting a car, remember to look into the public transit system ahead of time.  Avoiding the use of taxis will help cut down how much it costs for you to get around.

Above all keep an eye on your vacation expenses, and be sure to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary extra fees.  Money saved can be put away for your next vacation.