MADD Canada and All State Insurance Canada Launch 25th Project Red Ribbon

By: Justin Leung on November 11, 2012

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the initial launch of Project Red Ribbon.  It is a campaign developed by MADD Canada in partnership with the All State Insurance Company of Canada to promote sober driving during the holidays.  The campaign is underway, having begun on November 1, and runs until the first Monday of 2013.

During this time, volunteers at MADD will be distributing millions of red ribbons to the public in their local communities.  These red ribbons are a reminder for people to plan their trips home before attending holiday parties, in order to keep the roads safe from impaired drivers.  The ribbons also serve as a reminder and a tribute to those who have been killed by drunk drivers.  MADD says that every year, there are between 1,200 and 1,500 people killed, and over 60,000 critically injured as a result of impaired driving.  The ribbons are encouraged to be prominently displayed by attaching them to cars, key chains, or any purses, briefcases, or backpacks you may carry.

MADD Canada National President Denise Dubyk spoke at the Project Red Ribbon launch on Parliament Hill in Ottawa commemorating the campaign’s 25 year anniversary, and the unwavering support that still exists across Canada.

We are so grateful for the strong support we have received from public officials, police, sponsors like Allstate Canada and, most importantly, the public, since that first campaign. People have embraced the red ribbon and wear it proudly as a sign of their commitment to sober driving.”

Joining Dubyk at the launch was All StateCanada CEO John O’Donnell, along with several government, police, and community representatives who support Project Red Ribbon.  The launch ceremony included a red ribbon cutting and a performance by Michael Hanson, the founder of the band Glass Tiger, who wrote a new song for MADD Canada.

MADD’s red ribbons are available for purchase on the MADD Canada website, at Chapters book stores, All StateCanada offices, along with other participating sponsors and community organization locations.