This is not how to use Tesla Autopilot

By: Justin Leung on May 26, 2016

One of the things that makes Tesla cars so cool is their advanced driver assist system dubbed “Autopilot”. The name calls to mind the set it and forget it features that let modern airplanes fly themselves the majority of the time. But news flash: even planes require a minimum of two pilots to be awake at all times even when autopilot is on.

An online video has surfaced showing what appears to be a driver asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S on a highway.

I’m sure one of the biggest appeals of self-driving vehicles is that people will be able to sleep, eat, talk on the phone, play video games, or more while on the road and it will be perfectly safe and legal to do so. Unfortunately we’re not there yet.

Tesla’s autonomous features are amazingly cool and feel miles ahead of any other manufacturer out there but the truth is that the features are basically all still in beta. That’s why Elon Musk has repeatedly stressed that people not pull these kinds of shenanigans in his cars. A Tesla in Autopilot will be able to make use of car sensors to automatically steer and adjust the vehicle’s speed while driving on the highway.

Despite how effective the car is at navigating by itself, its self-driving features aren’t infallible. There’s no excuse for reckless driving, so if you are lucky enough to find yourself behind the wheel of a car that can kinda-sorta drive itself remember that until the law tells you otherwise, keep your attention on the road.