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Rewards Canada Survey Crowns American Express King of Travel Rewards

By: Gary Parkinson on November 9, 2012

Rewards Canada recently completed its second annual Canada’s Top Travel Rewards Credit Card rankings.  Rewards Canada released this year’s candidate finalists in June, and voting took place between September and October.  This year’s event drew over 3,300 voters into the polls, which is a remarkable improvement over the approximately 750 people who voted last year.  However, just like last year, American Express Canada was voted as the favourite card for Canadians to collect and use travel rewards points.

Currently, there are over 70 travel rewards credit cards in Canada.  The Rewards Canada rankings event attempts to distinguish which cards are the most popular choices for Canadians.  This is done by comparing the credit cards using five main categories.  The categories are:

1.      Top Travel Points Credit Card (with annual fee)

2.      Top Travel Points Credit Card (with no annual fee)

3.      Top Hybrid Travel Credit Card (with annual fee)

4.      Top Hotel Points Credit Card

5.      Top Airline Credit Card

The votes ranked American Express cards first in categories 1 through 4, with category 5 going to the Aeroplan loyalty program from the CIBC Aerogold Infinite Visa card.  The results selected by Canadian voters closely mirrored Rewards Canada’s own selections, with the sole exception being category 1 belonging to the Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard.

American Express Canada’s Vice President of Credit Cards Jennifer Hawkins thanked Canadians for their support for the second year in a row. 

We're dedicated to providing our card members with the best experience when it comes to using our cards, and it's wonderful to see that Canadians are responding well to that.